How To Become a Successful Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers are in high demand. Professionals that have mastered the art of motivational speaking can command high salaries. This makes it something that a growing number of speakers want to be able to do. The following presents some keys to thriving in the world of motivational speaking.

Draw From Your Own Experiences

There is nothing more motivating than listening to someone that has faced obstacles that they were able to overcome. This is what most motivational speakers are known for. They have the ability to recap their past struggles and provide a story that shows how they overcame what they were struggling with.

They basically know how to construct a timeline that shows how their life has been able to evolve after they conquered their demons, battle their nemesis and make the best of what looks like a losing situation.

Create A Memorable Story

There are a lot of speakers that have interesting lives, but they don’t know how to construct an interesting story to tell about their lives. This is what all great motivational speakers have in common. They know how to build momentum. They know how to put people in a place where they are mesmerized by all that is happening inside of the story.

 They also have great key points. Motivational speakers do not simply ramble about stories that seemingly have no solid beginning or end. On the contrary, motivational speakers are well-groomed in presenting a topic where there is a beginning that entices the listener. There are cheap points to pay attention to in the middle of the story, and there is a final summation of the story that makes it all come together.

Practice The Speech

Another thing that makes a business keynote speaker effective is their tone. Sometimes it takes constructive criticism from friends so it is good to practice the speech with friends. It is also a good idea to look at the possibilities that exist when the speech is practiced alone in a mirror. Speakers need to know what they are looking like to their audience when they get ready to speak. They need to be well-prepared because a speaker that is not prepared with the speech is going to lose their audience.

Some Familiar, Something New

One of the most effective things that motivational speakers can do is combine something that is familiar with something that is new. In order to do this the speaker must consider how they can take the story of an entertainer or a politician and help the audience discover something new about someone that they are already familiar with.

When speakers are able to provide content on well-known artists that have faced obstacles it puts the listener on the edge of their seat. They want to know about this new obstacle that they were unfamiliar with from someone that they thought they knew.

Sometimes a business keynote speaker has to read autobiographies and search for four obstacles in the life of well-known celebrities. There are times where the obstacles that they may have faced may have been in their youth. Whatever the case may be, it brings home the point of overcoming adversity. When listeners focus on the speaker they can see how someone else that they may admire has struggled, and that inspires them.

When the struggle of a celebrity is combined with the speaker’s own personal story of obstacles and overcoming these obstacles it becomes a two-fold motivational push. It reminds the audience that it is not just celebrities that can overcome obstacles. Motivational speakers that can tell their own story can show that everyday working-class people also have the advantage of overcoming obstacles in life.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.