How To Become A Real Estate Agent In 5 Easy Steps

Is real estate investment trust a good career path? How to become a real estate agent? You might be bugged with all such questions when considering the odds that you can build a successful career in this industry are. Well, let me inform you that it is one of the largest growing sectors in the world at the moment, with some of the best paying jobs that are available in the real estate industry. Let us now understand what the steps required to successfully become a real estate agent are. 

How to Become A Real Estate Agent?

1. Attend a Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

To learn how to become a real estate agent, the first step is to take is joining a pre-licensing course that will equip you with knowledge about various aspects of the industry. Although state regulations vary from one to another, every person requires to take this course before they can actually apply for the license. 

While taking the course is significant, one must keep in mind that the hours of training can vary depending on the state jurisdiction. This course covers everything that you need to know about the industry beginning from real estate practices to real estate principles and even the legal side of the business. It offers both online and classroom sessions. Hence, it is up to you which one you want to opt for. 

2. Appear for The Licensing Exam

Once you are done with the pre-licensing course, you need to enroll for the real estate licensing exam. You can check out all the information or guides that you need to sign up for the exam on the real estate commission’s website in your state. The exams are generally hosted at third-party examination centers that are outsourced by the state. You might require to pay nominal fees of $100-$300 for the registration. The pattern of the test usually is distributed into two portions. 

The first part consists of general real estate principles and federal real estate laws. The second portion consists of state-specific laws. Combining both portions, the paper has around sixty to a hundred MCQs. Even mathematical sums are included in this paper. On the commission’s website, you will be able to find a number of sample test papers that will help you prepare for the exam.    

3. Activate Your Real Estate License

Now that you are through with the test, you are eligible for the real estate license. Well, this is your first actual step of knowing how to become a real estate agent. To proceed with activating your license, you need to visit the real estate commission’s website. Here you will need to submit your application along with the documents that are required. 

The application for the activation of the real estate license will cost around $200-$400. The state will immediately activate and deliver your real estate license certificate once everything gets approved. Now you will be able to search your name under the section of Licensees on the website. 

4. Become a Realtor

Becoming a realtor is one of the most prestigious steps that you can take in the process of knowing how to become a real estate agent. However, to earn this position and be a licensed agent in the real estate industry, you need to join as a member of the National Association of Realtors. 

Getting a membership in this organization will lead you to huge exposure. It will allow you access to real estate market data, transaction and management services, and discounts on education courses. 

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5. Join a Brokerage

Practicing real estate and working professionally as an agent calls for joining a brokerage firm. Here you will have to operate under a supervising broker who will act as a mentor and teach you the hands-on job tactics. 

If you do not know who brokers are, let me clear your doubts. The state provides licenses to certain people known as brokers who are responsible for the overall real estate transactions and ensuring that the agents and the salesmen are sticking to the ethical and legal standards of the industry. 

The payments are usually on a commission basis and do not include any added benefits. However, you could make use of this opportunity and get some basic training before you get into the field. 

Final Thoughts

Well, that is all. Yes, it is as simple as that if you were wondering all this time how to become a real estate agent or how difficult would it be. In just five easy steps, added with a little hard work, you can swiftly climb the ladders of success and become a pioneer in the industry. 

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