How to become a NESTA Certified personal trainer

NESTA is known as the “Association for Entrepreneurial Trainers & Coaches” and the “NESTA/Spencer Institute.” Both of these names are used to describe the organization. NESTA was established in the year 1992.

This includes the Spencer Institute, which focuses on personal development and the psychological dimensions of success. NESTA also contains Spencer Institute. IDEA and IHRSA are NESTA corporate members.

When choosing a personal training program, there are numerous things to remember. Additionally, the amount of information regarding each program might be daunting. After reading this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know to pass the NESTA certification exam. Find out whether you’re a good fit!

Basic Fundamentals

●       NESTA is one of the various qualifications for personal trainers.

●       There are advantages and disadvantages to earning a personal fitness trainer certification from NESTA.

●       Before settling on a certification, you should complete your research.

About the Exam,

Your age and high school graduation are requirements for taking the NESTA personal fitness trainer certification exam. To become NESTA certified, you must also have a current CPR or BLS (Basic Life Support) certification. CPR/BLS certification, a driver’s license, and high school graduation or GED may be required for an audit.

Three Choices Exist for Exam Costs

Certification as a personal fitness trainer, including all the required reading and practice exercises specified below.

●       The digital personal trainer manual has no study materials. For the exam alone, no study materials or instructions were provided.

●       Personal fitness trainer certification costs $477 or four payments of $124.

●       The bundle includes the test, practice exam, a digital manual, and study tools.

Study Materials Include

●       Digital manuals for NESTA’s fitness trainers

●       More than ten hours of video instruction with follow-up exercises

●       Some of the material is taught via audio.

●       Exam practice is available to you at any time, without restriction.

●       Access to the training resources even if you’ve completed 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day study checklists

●       There are no restrictions on what devices you may use to access the online learning resources.

The personal trainer certification e-book and test are $399. The test costs $349 without the digital manual and study materials. The NESTA test has no prep time, but you must take it within 90 days. A 30-, 60-, and 90-day study plan checklist is included with the test. Missing the deadline costs $95 for a 90-day extension.

The PSI test is online. The website lists PSI testing facilities in most major US cities. Live more than 2.5 hours or 100 miles near a PSI testing center? Request a private proctor. $45, NESTA-approved Exam accommodations have been requested. Passing with 71% on 125 questions. 2-hour exam. Retesting costs $199 and must be done within 30 days.

Exam Content

The digital personal trainer guidebook includes NESTA exam Chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Personal Training
Chapter 2Exercise Physiology
Chapter 3Kinesiology and Functional Anatomy
Chapter 4 Applied Biomechanics
Chapter 5Flexibility
Chapter 6Nutrition
Chapter 7Special Populations
Chapter 8Assessments
Chapter 9Program Design
Chapter 10Exercise Application
Chapter 11Safety, Injury Prevention, and Treatment
Chapters 12Exercise Psychology
Chapters 13Business Strategies
Chapters 14Applications for the Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 

The exam content is divided up as follows:

●       Application for Business in 15 %

●       Program Design is 25% of the total.

●       51% Physical Activity & Sports Science

●       Implementation of the program is 35%.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1 – How long should I study for a personal training certification exam?

Person-to-person. You may be able to take the test faster if you just completed a degree with courses covering most of its subject. NESTA gives you 90 days to finish the exam after registering. Others’ timeframes differ.

2 – How much money do personal trainers make?

Personal trainers usually start at a gym rather than with individual customers. On average, personal trainers make $42,000 annually, although metropolitan locations pay more.

3 – Where can I train my training clients?

You can train customers at a gym, park, your house, their home, or your studio. Check out this article for additional personal training venues.


The NESTA certification for personal fitness trainers offers several advantages. NESTA’s fitness trainer certification is recognized by the NCCA, for starters. As of 2017, the certification is valid till 2024. Accreditation signifies a certification has passed, demanding quality assurance, re-certification, evaluation, and management criteria. The National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) recognizes the NESTA certification for personal fitness trainers.