How To Be The Best Editor For Wikipedia Pages

Editing is an important skill to learn because no one wants their work to be passed over. Writers make a lot of mistakes while writing which can be difficult to fix sometimes. A good editor works on the content and makes it the best one. Editor not only fixes the grammar, but they also improve the quality of content. If you want to be one of the best Wikipedia editors, then here are the tips that you should follow to achieve your goal.

Wikipedia is for different purposes but it contains all types of information. It has more than 4.6 million articles in 2014. The quantity of Wikipedia users increases daily you can get an idea of how far it had reached. It helps you to reach a lot of audiences, you have to create authentic content for that. To create amazing content, you need to polish your writing skills that are only possible through practice. As we all have learned practice makes the men perfect, it applies here as well.

Learn Wikipedia rules:

Wikipedia has some terms and conditions that you need to follow. To follow those rules, you first have to get knowledge. There are several rules like Wikipedia terms of use, WP: COI, WP: NOT, WP: V, WP: NPOV, WP: N, and WP: CORP. Read all the information written so that you can get the idea that what you have to avoid while editing any content.

There is a privacy policy given on the Wikipedia page you have to read that as well to be perfect in your work.

Make a draft of your content first:

Making a draft of your content helps you to learn what mistakes you have done in your work. A draft is the first document you usually send to the customers by any editor. It helps your client to know that you have done and exactly how they want it to be. Draft is an amazing communication method that you use with your client. If he like your draft, you can begin your work further on the project.

The professional editors add complete information with the most credible and valuable websites. So, whenever you submit any of your content at least check twice whether it is correct or not.

Available tools for Wikipedia editors:

There are different tools available on the internet. Search Wikipedia tools for editors you will get the list like wikEd, Offline MediaWiki code editor, syncwiki, WikiFundi, AutoWikiBrowser, and so on. If you don’t want to use any of those then you can use a different template for your work.

Edit with different styles like at times use templates and other tool will help you to learn different editing techniques. It helps you to analyze the edit pattern of your work and help you to place your citation correctly.

Review the work again and again:

While writing you don’t focus on your mistakes you just write them down. That sometimes creates a problem and to remove that you concern an editor. The editor should pick all your mistakes from your content and make it more authentic. To pick someone’s mistakes you have to be that professional first. Read and read content to remove all grammar mistakes and styling mistakes. After completing all the editing task once again review your work so that you be sure about your content before giving to your client.

Take help from any application:

If you are at the start of editing professional and you want to be the best than get some help from any online editing websites. It will help you to detect all the problem at start and you can get idea about how you can do your work. Sometimes there are many spelling mistakes in written articles for that you can use any electronic spell check because it is impossible in start to detect all errors.

Communication is an important skill for any editor:

Communication is an important skill that any editor should have. If you want to be a successful editor, then make sure you ace in it. In editing you have to communicate with your clients regularly. It is like you have to interview your client before editing his content and for that you need to have this skill.

Every professional writer was weak at one time, so if you are weak in communication, then no issues keep practicing and improve your abilities.  


You can be a top most Wikipedia editor by practicing these steps. Just make sure you have strong grammar, research, Microsoft, and communication skills. Polish your skills and make it to stand out from others and you are done.

Nancy Yates

Nancy Yates is a trend researcher by passion, a digital marketing expert, and a professional business and tech blogger. As a tech knowledge, Nancy Yates eagerly looks for the ins and outs of modern tech growths.