How To Balance Parenthood And A Hectic Work Schedule

A good number of couples are reluctant to have children in fear that they will have to leave the workplace for as much as a decade or more. Some parents also struggle between the decision of having one parent work and letting the other stay at home to take care of the kids. But for career-oriented individuals and families who can financially benefit from another working adult, becoming a stay-at-home parent may not be an option.

You do not have to eliminate the prospect of working to build a happy and secure family. There are plenty of ways by which you can balance a hectic work schedule with parenthood, while ensuring that your children are well-cared for, loved, and safe while you are in the office. For instance, you can opt to sign up for a child care subsidy, ask family for help, and pack in loads of family time over the weekends dedicated to spending time with your kids.

Signing Up For A Child Care Subsidy

An adult will have to come in to watch the kids while you spend entire days at work. This arrangement is especially important in the current times as virus restrictions have opened up some workplaces, but kept most schools around the globe closed. It means that even school-aged kids will have to stay at home — most likely without supervision. But hiring an in-home nanny can be expensive, which is why applying for a child care subsidy is crucial in helping you save some cash.

While child care subsidies usually cover care for kids under 13, older kids up to 18 can qualify if they have special needs or disabilities. Additionally, the financial subsidy is paid directly to the child care provider so that it will reflect as a decreased fee on your end.

Setting Up A Plan B 

Asking help from family and friends may not be the norm, but you might be able to find a happy arrangement that benefits both ends. For instance, if one of your siblings is a stay-at-home mom who will appreciate a bit of extra income, then you can negotiate to have your kids stay over on days that the nanny is off-duty or cannot come over.

It is a wonderful fallback when you have to go on a business trip or attend a multi-day conference that requires you to work around-the-clock or away from home. While leaving your kids with family in the long-term may not make you comfortable, short periods once in a while never hurts.

Finding Family Time Amid The Chaos

One of the most important aspects in establishing a work and parenthood balance is to ensure that you are creating a system that benefits both parents and kids. It means giving you and your partner enough breathing room amid hectic work schedules to enjoy life and find time for yourselves. But it also means finding time for your kids and accommodating them as much as possible to make up for the lost time together.

Most families choose one day of the week — usually Sundays — dedicated to catching up and spending quality time together. Children grow up quickly, and they will eventually prefer to go out with friends than mom and dad, so cherishing rare moments together is a must in developing a sense of family.

It can be tough balancing a chaotic work schedule with parenthood, especially if you have multiple children that fall under a young age bracket. But with an organisation, finding the right subsidies, and always looking ahead, you can certainly make things work for both you and your kids.