How to Backup iPhone using DropBox and Google Drive

First of all, Thank all for liking my previous article on the topic of how to back up the iPhone using iTunes and iCloud. But many amongst you demanded some other alternatives on how to backup your iPhone data. So we decided to quest the best alternative you can opt for backing up your iPhone data and we end up with some of the great options for you.

How to Backup iPhone using DropBox and Google Drive

Cloud storage is the best option by which you can not only store or backup your iPhone data but also you can access it any time and anywhere in the world plus you can share it with your friends and family also.

Here we jot down some of the best cloud storage available to backup your iPhone data. To know more info: reality paper

  1. DropBox:-

DropBox is on top of our list. The reason for being amongst our favorite is that its one and the only app which supports for blackberry and Linux client along with iPhone, Android, and windows. So it provides you full flexibility to backup your data irrespective of the technology you use.

DropBox provides you with 2gb storage at a free cost which is very small in comparison to what is offered by the rivals. If you want more space for your photos, music, and videos, you can buy more space of 1TB for £7.99 per month. Dropbox also offers free additional storage of 500MB on each friend you made up to register for the dropbox but only up to 16GB.

To aid up your storage, link up your account with Twitter or Facebook or both, from each linkage you will get additional 125MB storage. Else you can also set up a Mailbox account for which you will get an extra 1GB free storage. You will be credited extra 250MB for a visiting the DropBox basics.

Apart from storage, DropBox also facilitates you with sharing your data with your friends and family. You can do this by sending links to them or by sending invite for collaboration of file. But keep in mind that by collaborating you are providing the permission to edit the files by other users also as it does not allow to set up access permission to it.

How to backup using DropBox

  1. Download the DropBox app from the app store. It is free to download. Then sign up for an account if you already don’t have the one else login with the already existing account.
  2. Launch the app on your device.
  • Go to the camera upload screen then click on “Allow” so that camera roll can be accessible from dropbox and now your backup will be created in DropBox.


  1. Google Drive:-

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage provider. Its popularity is due to a huge amount of free storage space provided i.e it provides 15GB of storage space and its one user login ID that means you can use google drive using your Gmail, google calendar, and youtube ID if you have one of them.

The best thing about google drive is that it exempts any of the photos which is less than 2048×2048 of resolution and videos smaller than 15 minutes, so you can enjoy the unlimited storage as they dint count in 15GB. Google drive also dint include Google Docs, Slides, sheets, files, presentations that others shared with you.

You can backup your iPhone data automatically by using Google+ app in your device. For this go to the camera app of your device followed by photos options and then tap on Auto-backup to create a backup of your iPhone data.

Google Drive also provides you with sharing your backup data which is its strongest feature. You can do this either by sending links or can grant permission to people whom you want can view, edit, or comment on.

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How to backup iPhone using Google Drive

  1. Download the Google Drive app for free from the app store. Then sign up if you don’t have an existing account.
  2. Launch the Google Drive app on your device.
  • Click on the “+” button given on the upside right corner of the iPhone screen.
  1. Then tap on “upload photos or videos “.
  2. Select photos and videos you want to upload for creating a backup.
  3. Finally, tap on upload and your backup will be created.

These two are the best alternatives one can opt for creating the backup of their data. So don’t wait, go and try out to backup using these two apps. If you still find some problem in creating backup you can comment below. We will surely help you out.