What is Gmail Account and How to take a backup?

Gmail also known as “Google Mail”is an open source web mail service provided by Google used to transfer information between sender and receiver in the form of emails. It is a set of digital information that user want to share. Since Gmail is a free emailing service but it is provided up to 15 GB storage, which includes Google Drive and Google Photos as well.

How Long are Emails Stored in Gmail?

Many people ask this question but it totally depends on you. Gmail never deletes your mail until or unless you do it by itself. If you delete a mail from Gmail it will move it into the “Trash” folder where it gets deleted permanently after the period of 30 Days.

Tip — What is the Difference between Email and Gmail?

Basically an email is defined as a method of exchanging digital information over a network. Whereas, Gmail is defined as an email service provided by Google just like Yahoo provides Yahoo Mail and so on.

Why do We Need to Backup Gmail Data?

There are lots of important emails that contain our personal or business information and you never know what happens next. In this era of Cyberworld, most of the Hackers are constantly looking for your account. It may be possible that your account has been compromised and you might lose access to your account. Losing this crucial information will not be beneficial for us. Just to prevent such scenarios we have to take the backup of the Gmail Account.

Moreover, sometimes we also want to save our emails locally so that we can access them later without the internet. This is another reason why you might need to take a backup of your Gmail data.

How can you backup your Gmail Account with Attachments?

If you want to free the space and keep your emails with you then it is recommended to use Systools application for Gmail Backup. The software is safe and can be accessed in Windows and Mac OS X. You can also use the Demo version of the software, which allows you to test the software if it satisfies your requirements or not.

The best features offered by this software to make Gmail backup process simpler are as following:

  • The tool can be used in 6 different languages
  • Capable to save the Gmail emails to PST / MSG / MBOX / EML format
  • Generate export report in CSV file format through, which you can easily view the entire backup
  • Backup Contacts, Calendar along with all type of Documents present in Google Drive
  • Multiple options to customize the backup data in a viewable manner

4 Reasons Why to Choose SysTools Gmail Backup Tool?

  1. Allow you to decide, which emails are required for backup just like if the user wanted to take a backup of emails that are present in Inbox folder only
  2. All in one software to take the backup of contacts along with the calendar, which helps you to save their important dates and numbers
  3. It also can be used to back up the data present in Google drive including a shared folder.
  4. Pause and Resume feature for flexible Gmail Backup process So, if you don’t know enough about the technical things this is best the software for you.

Software Requirements

  • Software Specification
    • Size: 16.1 MB
    • Version: 6.0
  • System Specifications
    • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 100 MB of free space required for installation
    • Ram: Around 2 GB of RAM
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 1 GHz Processor(*86,*64)
  • Supported Windows Editions
    • Windows 10 & All Below Windows Version
    • Microsoft Windows – Vista / Win7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)
    • Microsoft Outlook – 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

How do I backup a Gmail Account?

Follow the steps below to take the backup of your Gmail account:

  1. Download the Systools Gmail Backup Tool and install it
  2. Once setup is installed you may enter your login details in the software. Make sure that you should “Turn off 2 step verification” and also turn on access for “Less secure apps” from your Gmail Account. Click Login >> OK
  3. Now enter the “Google accounts details” to the Gmail login page and grant all the permissions then hit the “Allow” button
  4. Select the file format in which you want to create the backup
  5. Pro Tip – If you want to take backup in EML format then select EML labeled text
  6. Hit the “Browse” button and select the destination where you want to save your file
  7. Check the Delete after download option if you no longer want to keep the backed up emails in your Gmail account and free up the storage space
  8. After that, click on the “Start” button to initiate the backup process

Once the entire process is done, the software will save the backup of your Gmail account safely in the selected location. So you can easily access it.


In this article, we have discussed how to fixed Gmail backup using the best simple approach as possible. Also, you learn about the basics of Gmail and how you can secure your account. The method discussed here is extremely simple and both technical and non-technical users can perform it without any technical assistance.