How to back up your WordPress and database?

Have you ever heard about Word press? If it is not so, then we are here to help you out. WordPress is the strong and solid web publishing application, but it is hosted on the web server, and its data is stored in the database. Due to this reason, it is important that the backup of your blog or WordPress is quite rapidly in a specific case. Those cases are like as: – we lose our all of content and therefore no blog or website proof all gone. When we want to back up our site, then we must be able to restore the site to exactly what it was before happens all these things. Get more from the piratebay3

You must be careful because it is better than to say sorry. Maybe backup is not too much difficult as it sounds. Nowadays, one of the most important leading content management systems is launched, which makes all these things easy for users to keep their file secure and protected. Generally, there are so many ways to back up your WordPress database, but we are going to consider some of the most important ways to help you out. To get detailed information, you can visit and remove your queries.


  • Using WordPress plug-in

So many plug-INS are there which provide you to store enough databases with security. You must go with the good plug-in, look at its function of backup and includes some other features which help to repair and optimize the pages.

  • Exporting it from the WordPress panel

If you want to log in, then you need to go to the interface. Some files contain all the uploaded data on the platform in which includes some pages, posts, comments, and categories. If you are losing the file of the WordPress, then you should download the XML, and your all files will be sorted out as it should. 

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  • Backing up with the control panel

So many hosting providers are there who uses the control panel interface, but few of them have the user interface. In this case, you must log in with your hosting account and select the managed account or something like that. After doing this, click on the database, and then go to the next step. With the help of this, you can be able to view and edit the information. You will also have an option which provides you to backup and restore all the current files.

  • Using the PhpMyAdmin section

On our host account, there is the option of PhpMyAdmin. If someone wants to see a more practical way to back up their files of the word press, then it is the shortcut which is mostly used by those users who are experienced. You just required selecting the open manager, and then you will take this page. After getting this page, login and choose the database which you want to export.

We are also going to describe some steps which help to back up your database in an automated way. These ways help in backup our database is better as compared to do it manually. If you are going with the manual backup, then it consumes a lot of time because there is so much work.

Step 1:-

The first and important step is to install the plug-in. In the beginning, you should go to plug-ins and then add new and looking for the latest and the best plug-ins. After that, click on install now and activate it. You will see this plug-in on the WordPress dashboard and then click on tools and after that backup. Through this plug-in, you can able to back up all the files by default. 

You will get two options for the backup. You can select either on backup immediately or schedule backup. We are advising you to select the second option. If you are the person who adds some content on their post or blog regularly, then you must select just the once hourly or twice or once daily. If you are posting once in a week, then the weekly backup is enough for you.

Step 2:-

Backup your themes: – All the important things are located in your WordPress content folder. You must require creating the folder in your computer which is especially for backup of all files. You can go with this WordPress back up and place it where you can easily find it, after some time as like your documents library or anything you like. It is a folder where you can place all your all backup files. 

It also helps to backup all your themes and the plug-ins. We suggest you back up your database at least once in a month. It also overwrites your old content and adds new content. You can also give a date on your database; it will help to let you know that at what time you did your last backup?

Step 3:-

In the last step, you will go with backing up all the important information. First, you ought to be going with the FTP client and search for the file, which is called WordPress configuration. After searching, drag this into the folder of backups. In these files includes the entire code configuration which expresses how the WordPress communicates with your database?  Backup of all these files are necessary, because if the WordPress crashes completely or you can replace a single file at the time of installation. If you are going to backup all these files, then our WP works properly.

If some strikes are there, then you need to be clear all the FTP files and bring all the detailed information with the fresh copy. After doing this, all the things will go back to normal, and our WP does their work accurately.

Final say

If you have not got the backup your database yet, then you should go with the when something happens wrong to our site, then it shares our pain. You can be able to restore everything as like themes and uploaded files with the help of the above-mentioned ways.