How to Avoid Expensive Trailer Repair

Trailers are the most overlooked component of any truck, in our opinion. The point is, they’re equally vital. What good is your vehicle to your client if it does not come with a trailer, and hence without your customer’s goods!? Despite this, trailers are frequently missed, resulting in failures, delays, and costly trailer repairs that may have been avoided totally.

Maintenance on a regular basis will help you avoid trailer repairs Brisbane and unplanned downtime.

Whether you use a trailer to transport your toys or rely on it for living, unexpected breakdowns can jeopardise your safety and perhaps harm your goods. It is vital to keep all components in excellent operating condition, as well as perform periodic inspections, preventative maintenance, and trailer servicing Brisbane.

Why is trailer maintenance important?

Regular trailer maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity of your trailer as well as your ability to pull safely to your destination. Before towing, ensure that your trailer and all of its components are in good operating condition. Trailer components that are worn or damaged might cause loss of control and injuries. It is critical to have your trailer properly examined following an accident or damage.

To ensure safe and dependable operation, you must examine, repair, and service your trailer on a regular basis.

Tips To Avoid Expensive Trailer Repair

  • Expense is an investment

Drivers generally see any money spent on servicing or camper trailer repairs Brisbane to be an expense rather than an investment. This is especially true for trailers, but by keeping your trailer (and vehicle) in good working order, you’re investing in crucial instruments that are critical to your business. For example, if your fridge breaks down and you’re carrying over $10,000 in ruined products, your losses will rapidly exceed the cost of repairs and services. Regular maintenance can help you prevent costly (and almost always avoidable) trailer problems and keep your truck, trailer, and cargo on the road and on time.

  • Periodical Inspections

A qualified diesel mechanic will be able to build a driver and operator weekly and daily inspection schedule so that you know precisely which areas you should be inspecting day to day and week to week to maintain optimum trailer health. Your technician should also have a continuous inspection and service schedule that you may follow. If your mechanic can’t offer you this, there’s a good likelihood they’re expecting you’ll come to them for pricey trailer repairs later on.

  • Examine your tiers

It goes without saying that proper tyre maintenance is essential. Tires should be properly inflated to increase tyre life and guarantee even tyre wear. Check tyre pressure on a regular basis, ideally before driving, since this may raise tyre pressure and give you an inaccurate reading. Inspect your trailer tyres on a regular basis, searching for cracks or feathering in the sidewalls and uneven wear, which might indicate inadequate inflation or substructure difficulties.

  • Check the floorings

If your trailer has wood flooring, you should take precautions to keep it in good condition. Wood that has been exposed to moisture may weaken and deteriorate over time, so maintain your trailer in a dry spot if possible. Instead of using a pressure washer, clean it using a brush and compressed air. Test the wood once a year by poking it with a sharp knife. If the flooring is in good condition, the knife will not penetrate it. If the knife penetrates the wood, it may be time to replace the flooring.

  • Check the electrical components

The electrical components of your trailer must also be serviced. A large portion of this is based on simple eye assessment. If you discover a light that isn’t working, check the electrical outlet to make sure it’s free of dirt and other debris that might cause a bad connection. Another possibility is that the bulbs or wiring will wear out over time. Check the wiring and rubber grommets to verify they are not rusted and are in good condition, and repair or replace them if necessary.

  • Check Your Brakes

It should come as no surprise that maintaining your trailer’s brakes is also essential. Brake pads, drums, and discs should all be examined on a regular basis, but depending on your degree of comfort and expertise with brakes, this may necessitate the intervention of a service specialist.

  • Manage Records

As a truck driver, you’re responsible for travelling thousands of kilometres in all directions. Small items will pop up along the route, like a niggle in your trailer or anything that isn’t operating properly. If it’s a minor issue, chances are you won’t remember to bring it up on your next visit to your technician. By keeping track of the little details, you’ll be able to bring them all up to the technician at your next appointment. This is especially crucial if you have many operators operating the same fleet to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

It is recommended to get your trailer serviced on a regular basis. If you don’t have a specific maintenance specialist in mind, you may browse and search for “trailers service and repair near me” or “trailers repair near me” to receive a list of the finest professionals in your area. This might also be useful if you are stranded somewhere on an unknown route and want immediate assistance.