How to avoid accidents during Traveling?

We utilise cars, buses and several means of transport to travel one place to another. Nowadays high speed vehicles are available in the market which are widely used to travel distant places within minimum period of time.  Higher the speed more are the chances of accident. So it is better to save your life and life of others by strictly following the rules and regulations during travelling.

There are many factors which can play vital role in causing different types of serve accidents. Over-speed, disobeying rules and regulations, obesity and drinking habits are dangerous factors which leaves various dangerous impacts after road accidents. Every year more than 1.35 million people died in road accidents throughout the world. More than 3700 people daily died in road accidents by different means. More than 50% of the people who died in road accidents are motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists. Only in United States, out of 54 people one people is dead due to road accidents.

Even road accidents are responsible for huge burden on economies of low and middle class. According to an  estimate(1998) more than 518 billion US dollars were spend worldwide in order to recover injuries by these accidents. Cost of 65 billion US dollars is only face by economies of low and middle class. Even this cost is much more than cost which is spent by these countries on their development.

Protect yourself and others

This is responsibility of almost everyone or while driving any vehicle on road, to strictly obey the traffic rules and regulations in order to save ourselves and specially precious lives of others. Whether you are driving a car or a bus or any type of heavy vehicle on road there are several types of defensive tips which cannot only save your life but your vehicles and others life too. Registration is the best step to find any Vin check.

Avoid using Mobile phones

According to National safety council 1 million six hundred thousand people died every year by using their mobile phones while driving. According to another study by Harvard centre for risk analysis 330000 injuries are occurred by using mobile phones during driving. Some people start playing games in car or travelling which is very dangerous. According to Highway Safety Fatality Facts 11 teens died due to road accidents everyday.

Avoid Distractions

Weather you are travelling on road by motorcycle car, bus or any mean it is very necessary for you to avoid several types of distractions as possible as you can. Now a days their are number of restrictions which email leads person towards death while travelling on roads. These distractions include usage of cell phone during driving, making calls for texting to somebody start using internet on mobile phones for long period of time during travel can cause dangerous impacts on passengers. It is very compulsory for driver to provide 100% attention towards road and its surroundings. The phone call or text message can wait but once you are injured can even leads you towards death. You must ask your friends or family members to avoid calling and texting you while you are driving because it is very important for your safety and with whom you are travelling with.

Inspect your vehicle before sitting in it

Before sitting inside the vehicle for moving towards your desired place it is very essential to carefully check the position of the mirrors and tires of your vehicle. It is very  essential to  check the accurate position of the  side mirrors before starting your travel. Before entering the highway it is very important to quickly change the lens of your vehicle if they are pulled out in front of someone. It is very compulsory for your safety  to completely avoid the blind spots of other drivers present on the road, specially semi trucks. Before starting the vehicle make it compulsory for yourself to fasten your seatbelt. If you are travelling with kids don’t allow them to sit on the front seat. Always keep them on the rare seat and fasten them with seat belts. Always yours children lock when you are travelling with your kids.

Try to avoid travelling at night

No doubt that driving at night is  difficult as compared to  driving in the day. No matter how good driver you are or how much better you can see in the night, try to avoid driving at night. Always drive in the night with maximum safety precautions and until it is very necessary. Driving at night it has higher risk of accidents as compared to you driving at day. Due to darkness at night visibility is reduced and even more drunk drivers are present on road at that time. If you have to travel at night it be aware of set types of drivers. More importantly, before travelling at night it always check your front and rear lights. Always keep them according to the rules and regulations of the state. Always remain in speed limit or reduce your speed while travelling at night.

Try not to travel in fast lane

 One of the most important factor by which several of death around the world occurred is crossing the speed limits on road. People don’t get this things seriously and easily violates the rules and regulations of travelling on the roads. It is better to avoid fast  lane on the road, just use this lane for crossing and try to avoid this lane for travelling larger period of time. You will be shocked to know that  many highway accidents are occurred in this fast lane. Always try to keep in the middle of the highway so you will have lower risk of accident as compared to moving continuously in fast lane.

Try not to assume while driving

Try always not to assume that a driver is going to take a turn or stop. It is better for you and others not to assume such type of things during driving. For example, when passing a green signal on road always see left and right it and never assume that road is totally empty for you. Even drunk drivers often violates rules and regulations and often run red lights. Always try to take safety precautions while crossing the signal as much as you can. You are simple precaution can save life of many people. It is better to get late than never.

Always keep your vehicle in outstanding condition

It is best for your safety and for your family to always get your vehicle tip-top by best technician in your area. Always avoid to drive  on poor condition tires because they may torn out or burst at high speed. Always check your brakes before travelling because they are very necessary and may cause a serious issue during travel. It is best to get an odd noises check before sitting inside the vehicle. Always try to use best quality accessories in your vehicle in order to protect several lives. Sometimes for getting better condition people are modify their vehicle and used window sticker by vin.

Try to increase your driving skills by the passage of time

Experts advice to professional drivers to enhance their driving skills by attending high performance driving school. For adults who have recently got driving license should avoid to drive for long distance and strictly follow rules and regulations during driving. It is best to you take training in order to handle different types of issues during driving. For drivers and almost everyone it is very important to learn the skills and abilities in the case of emergency in order to save someone’s else life. It is reality that sometime no matter how much careful you are, an accident can happen. By focusing on the steps there are greater chances that you will save yourself and others lives. Prevention is always better than cure and it is best for us to focus on this sentence while driving.