How to Attract New Customers to Your Hotel

Any business owner strives to make his business prosper and sales grow. The same goes for hotel owners. Hotel industry is saturated, and still, there are dozens of new players appearing on the market every year. And they make already harsh competition even more so.

Even if you own a successful hotel business, sooner or later, you will ask yourself:  “How do I attract customers to the hotel?”. Unfortunately, there is now ultimate Recipe for Success. However, there are several features that distinguish an excellent hotel from a basic one.

High quality:This is an obvious one. No one would want to come back to a hotel with rude staff and dirty rooms with old broken furniture.

Smart personnel management is crucial, as your employees are the face of your hotel and your reputation depends on them. So make sure your staff is understanding, responsive, and polite. You can rest assured that satisfied customers not only are likely to bring you more income in the future but also will recommend your services to their friends and relatives. Word-of-mouth is one of the strongest promotion tools, so do your best to provide your clients with excellent service, and your efforts will pay off.

Official Website: Many hotels are making a big mistake abandoning their websites and putting all the emphasis on aggregators like Booking or TripAdvisor. Of course, it is necessary to appear on such sites, but they should never replace the main customer engagement tool – your website. The main advantage of the official site is that you can provide your clients with full information about your hotel. For example, you can make a video review of each room, show a standard breakfast of your hotel, or even conduct a tour of the hotel via VR!

Online booking system: Those allow you to be in contact with your customers 24/7 and make the whole reservation process more convenient. Besides, they help you stay organized and decrease your workload, making your work time more efficient. But their best feature is providing you with analytics. Booking systems monitor all your reservations and give you detailed information on each of your guests. Thus, it helps you understand what is your target audience and adapt your services to their preferences.

Bonuses, incentives, and presents: We all love gifts, don’t we? Offer your guests a free cocktail, a fruit basket, a free massage certificate, or a small souvenir with your hotel logo. It will leave a pleasant impression, and people will remember it for a long time even after their vacation is over.

Wise Customer Feedback Strategy:Clients’ reviews are crucial as they help you find your weaknesses, improve your understanding of their requirements and service standards. Without applying those insights, you will never build a strong customer base and attract new clients. Make sure you respond to customers’ reviews as quickly as possible, especially to negative ones. Dealing with them is not an easy task, but always remember to be polite and guarantee to make things right in the future (and make sure to keep this promise). Remember that your potential clients can see all the comments, so show them how well you can cope with criticism and improve flaws in your services.

There are many ways to make your hotel more appealing to people. In some cases, the tools are selected depending on the hotel’s goals and budget. But the most fundamental idea is that you should always know how to communicate with your clients and take good care of them. Well-established customer relationships is the first step to increasing the profitability of your hotel.