How to Apply Mineral Sunscreen Spray Safely & Effectively

Thanks to technological advances over the last 20-30 years, mineral sunscreen spray products represent one of the most convenient ways to keep your skin safe from sun damage. That said, most of us are conditioned to use lotion-based sunscreen, so not everyone is knowledgeable about the best way to use a spray for good coverage to be achieved.

That’s something we aim to help you out with here as we offer some tips on how to apply your mineral spray sunscreen properly.

Use Sparingly At First

A point that’s often up for discussion when talking about mineral sunscreen spray is the amount you should use. While it takes around 1 oz of chemical product to get the job done, you need a lot less when dealing with a zinc oxide-based sunscreen.

Don’t spray it on in the same liberal way you would with chemical sunscreen, as you are likely to be left with a white mess on your arm that you can’t spread out. It’s got a very different chemical makeup, meaning it’s a lot thicker.

Don’t Forget to Rub It All In

After spraying your mineral sunscreen on your body, it’s not going to have the same ‘mist’ effect that you get with chemical varieties. This is because of its consistency, so it means you’ll need to rub it in more than you would with a thinner chemical product.

Interestingly, mineral sunscreen sits on the skin’s surface, rather than being absorbed, so it might be a little white at first, but it should then turn invisible once applied fully.

Don’t Spray Right Onto Your Face

Something you shouldn’t do with mineral sunscreen spray, is spray it directly onto your face, as you run the risk of getting it into your eyes or mouth. While it like its safe enough that you wouldn’t be harmed if you accidentally swallowed a little, it’s still not advisable and it’s going to be super unpleasant.

Instead, put a dime-sized amount of the liquid on your palm and rub it in while being sure to avoid the eyes, of course.

Re-Apply Every 2 Hours

The sun needs to be respected when you’re out in it for several hours at a time, which in this case means ensuring that you keep reapplying it regularly enough. Dermatologists recommend the ideal frequency to be every 2 hours or more often if you’re swimming, regardless of whether you’ve bought a ‘water-resistant’ brand or not.

Getting the Most From your Mineral Sunscreen Spray

So, when you’re using your spray sunscreen, be sure to use it in the way described and always err on the side of caution. Failing to provide yourself or your family with full protection just leads to the misery and discomfort that comes with sunburn and no one wants to go through that.

Use your mineral spray sparingly to avoid mess, frequently to avoid sunburn and always reapply after going into the water for any length of time. Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be able to enjoy the sun without worrying about damaging your skin.