How to Apply for Jobs to Be Accepted Faster and Easily

Finding a job nowadays is not an easy thing, but if you know how it is also not a difficult thing considering that access to information is currently so easy to reach.

Pinters don’t worry, even though your status is still a student, the opportunity to get a job will still exist as long as you know how to apply for a job strategy to make it easier to get accepted.

Competition in the world of work today is very high, but if you have the skills and competencies needed right now, believe me you will still be able to get a job easily. Then how can you easily get the job you dream of?

1. Apply for jobs according to ability

Before sending a job application, make sure that you have the qualifications requested, and you do have the competence for the position offered.

Even though you are still a student, if you feel you have competence in that field, there’s nothing wrong with your application. It could be that companies prefer freelance workers.

2. Equip Yourself with Present Skills

Do you know Pinters what contemporary skills you need to hone and master? Yes, one of them is mastery of technology and the world of digital marketing. Skills such as graphic design, editing photos and videos, writing, social media, digital marketing, blogging and so on are skills needed today.

When you have the additional skills above, believe me all of that will be a plus for you. Maybe your status is a freelance worker because you work while studying, but if you have these skills, the company can consider you to be accepted. Especially in terms of salary, of course it can be more negotiable if you work freelance.

3. Looking for a job in the contemporary field

As explained above, the current fields that are widely offered as the latest freelance job vacancies that are much needed are creative young people who can run technology.

There are many high-paying job vacancies as content creators, freelance social media admins, bloggers, writers, freelance designers and so on.

The latest job vacancies that are widely offered today, for example, as a content creator. From artists to companies, there are many young people who have this expertise.

Other jobs are social media admin, copywriter, content writer and so on. Try to equip yourself with this skill so that work will come easier.

4. Complete and Interesting CV

How do you make a great job CV? Serve in a complete, detailed, honest and interesting technical presentation. Experience might be a plus point, but for freelance job seekers it is still possible to qualify here if you have the skills. Include portfolio, proof of certificate if needed.

Don’t include unimportant things that have nothing to do with the field of work you are applying for, unless it is a soft skill that you have, include it to add to the added value you have.

5. Build Branding from Social Media

Did you know, Pinters that currently companies are considering the names of employees to be accepted by checking directly on your social media. Another way is to enter your name in a search engine to see the digital footprint, what are you and whether you have a good image or not.

If you are a famous figure, of course it will be a plus point for the company to accept you as an employee. We recommend that if your image in cyberspace is negative, then be prepared for people to immediately reject you as their employee.

6. Applying for a job on recommendation

Applying for a job on the recommendation of a prominent figure, famous person, or official does not mean that you are a way to work because of an insider.

These recommendations are intended to ensure that you do have the potential and competencies that the company is concerned with.

If you really feel that you have competence, don’t hesitate to ask famous people for recommendations to come to work at the place you want.

7. Good Foreign Language Ability

Another soft skill that you need to master if you want to be easily accepted by a job even though your status is still in college is having foreign language skills. Of course this applies to workplaces that require these skills.

If you have good foreign language skills, there will be more chances of you being hired.

Even though he only has an apprenticeship status, Pinters will still be considered to have great potential. Likely other opportunities will come your way. Especially if the foreign language that is mastered is not only English.

You might be able to master Mandarin, Japanese, German, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish to increase unexpected income opportunities.