How to Apply for an E2 Visa?

Investing in a US company is one of the wisest financial decisions because most are stable and sustainable. All the more when you expand your own business on American soil. But, before you can do that, you have to apply for an E2 Visa.

Visa applications are always challenging, especially E2 type. Although, the privileges may somehow overwhelm the difficulties and risks. Hence, most business organizations tend to maximize their assets when trying to get this Visa.

For this reason, we have come up with this information to guide you in determining your strategies to qualify for this visa application.

Understanding E2 Visa

    Before engaging in the strenuous endeavor of getting such a visa, you have been aware that it is still a non-immigrant visa. It means there is no presumption that you can legally reside in the US permanently. 

The US government issues this Visa to convince more foreign investors to come. Through this strategy, it allows their economy to work its way up. As a result, foreign companies contribute to paying taxes and producing more jobs for Americans. 

In other words, E2 visas are suitable for large businesses or loaded investors. 

Requirements for Visa Application 

    To qualify for an E2 Visa, you have to submit pieces of valid proof to the US consulate of the following criteria.

Evidence of a Treaty

    The first requirement is that the applicant originates from a country with an active E2 Treaty with the US Federal Government. This E2 Visa Guide has a listing of allied nations with an established E2 Treaty.  

Therefore, you need to present an authenticated birth certificate issued by your national statistics or population managing department. 

Demonstrate Intent to Leave

    Non-immigrant visas always require applicants to show acute conditions to leave the US once the business endeavor is over.

The law provides that E2 Visa holders cannot enjoy benefits intended for immigrants, such as permanent residency. Therefore, they have to prove this intent through documents or in truthfully responding to immigration officers when interviewed. 

Making a Substantial Investment

    Investing in a US company could be the most demanding as it is the crux of an investor visa. But it has elements that warrant picking apart for applicants to understand.

First of all, federal law does not specify the amount you should invest. But, it depends on how your money could significantly cover the cost of development, improvement, and sustenance of the company’s needs.

Secondly, you have an essential role in the company that you intend to sponsor. For example, you may either own at least half of the company’s assets. Otherwise, you have a blanket operational control over the company, such as being a CEO, president, or vice president. 

Thirdly, the company you have sponsored must have active entrepreneurial involvements or commercial engagements that may propel the company’s growth and profitability. It also includes preparing for a new business development project. 

Fourthly, your investment money has originated from legal means and not from unlawful activities. It could be from salary, profits from other businesses and investments, loans, gifts, and inherited fortunes. 

Fifth, you have to prove that the money is you invested stays within the business cash flow, and it is a grave risk of loss. This stipulation may appear tricky and wicked, but you have to prove it.

End Result

Assuming that applicants qualify, they may reap the following benefits. 

First, they may have consistent and progressive economic gains, especially when the sponsored company and your newly developed business flourished. 

Second, their spouses and children under age 21 are eligible for dependent E2 visas. This Visa may grant spouses authorization to work in the US. Likewise, their children are free to study in any academic institution and any state.  

Lastly, you may reside outside of the US and have the freedom to re-enter at the expense of your E2 Visa. 

Hence, all these benefits are on, provided that the businesses become successful. 


Indeed, applying for an E2 visa is not for everyone. Instead, it is solely for business magnates and premium investors. The requirements alone manifest the prime intention of the US government in the issuance of such a visa.

It has to serve the national interest of the US for its citizens. Regardless, there are compensatory benefits for fortunate applicants who could successfully get an E2 Visa.