How to Appeal Suspension from Amazon for Related Accounts

Amazon multiple accounts are tricky business. First of all, the platform doesn’t really allow people to have multiple accounts on its platform, even though it has been easing this policy during the past months.

One risk that running multiple accounts bears, is account linkage. If Amazon links two accounts, you must gear up for a difficult reinstatement process that is better left to Amazon account service like us at Got Suspended? and our team of Amazon professionals.

That being said, let’s go over some key factors which you need to know for appealing a related account suspension:

  1. Why did you get linked in the first place?

You might be wondering why you got linked with another account even though your current one is not related to any other account. Well, the simplest thing would be logging into your account with another IP address. Yep, Amazon maps your IP when you create an account on its platform. This means that when you use another IP address to log in, you’ll raise red flags. You could even log in from a public Wi-Fi and get suspended right off the bat, because you never know who used that Wi-Fi before you did. Might have been a suspension Amazon seller for all you know!

  1. Make sure all your information is unique to your account!

Like we said, Amazon has been allowing multiple accounts on its platform lately, but under strict conditions. There should be zero information overlap on the two accounts. This means the banking information needs to be separate, the credit cards need to be separate, as well as all the other key information. You should not even be selling similar products on both accounts. Addresses and emails should be unique on both accounts as well.

  1. If Amazon gave you the green light before, let them know!

This is in case you officially asked for permission from Amazon to open a new account and they gave you the go. Make sure you tell Seller Performance this when you are writing an appeal…which brings us to the final point:

  1. Create an appeal!

Once you’ve got all the information you think would make Amazon happy enough to reinstate your account, go ahead and start writing that appeal. Make sure Amazon knows what you’re including there, and if you’ve kept the screenshots of Amazon’s greenlight email for a new account (we sure hope you did!), definitely include that in there as well. Make sure the information is clear-cut and easily understandable. Send it in, and wait for a reply!


Obviously, this sounds like too much to handle for many Amazon sellers, especially those who are new to the platform. In that case, Got Suspended? Amazon account service is here to help you out with your suspension! Trust your account to us, and we’ll work around the clock to get you back on Amazon’s platform. Would you pass on getting your selling privileges returned? We wouldn’t! Give us a call now and let’s have a chat!


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