How to Appeal an Amazon Seller Suspension

If you’ve ever received a notification from Amazon telling you that your account has been temporarily suspended, you know how incredibly stressful it can be. Sellers who have never experienced an account suspension and are not familiar with the issue are likely to panic and try to get their Amazon business back up and running. While we can’t do anything about the panic you may be feeling (it’s true, it’s a big deal!), we do have some tips to help you get through the process of appealing amazon suspension and getting your business back up and running.

Step 1: Find out why you were suspended.

It may seem obvious, but finding out why your account was suspended is an important first step in getting your account reinstated. Amazon will give you a very simple reason for the suspension, but it’s important that you take the time to do a little detective work and familiarize yourself in depth with where, why, and how things went wrong. If you don’t know exactly what went wrong, you’re only going to run into problems later when you try to get your business back up and running. While you may feel pressured to rush this step so you can quickly file your complaint with Amazon, don’t cut corners here or you’ll regret it.

Step 2: Create an action plan

A key element of appealing your Amazon account suspension is creating a plan of action (POA) to fix the problem. Amazon will review this plan and decide whether or not to lift the block based on the information you provide. So needless to say, it’s important to get this part right.

A successful POA shows that you have clearly identified the problem and its cause, that you know what to do to prevent it from happening again in the future, and that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the problem does not occur again. You need to do more than just say you’re sorry and that you’ll be more careful in the future – you need to explain to Amazon how you’ll change your systems, tools, processes, or procedures to prevent the problem from occurring again. A successful action program includes specific data that shows you know exactly what the problem is. Avoid general phrases such as “sometimes,” “numerous,” “few,” or other non-specific or vague terms. Instead, provide numbers and time frames whenever possible.

POA: An overview

Your goal is to provide Amazon with all the information they need to make an informed and confident decision about unblocking your account. Below is a rough outline to guide you in writing your POA.

Part 1: Introductory paragraph

Include who you are (including vendor name), a brief description of your business, and why your account was suspended.

Part 2: Description of the problem

Clearly describe the problem (or problems) that led to your account being suspended. Explain how you determined the problem and provide a detailed explanation of why the problem occurred. Be sure to include dates and details of what you found. Take full responsibility and admit where the problems lie.

Part 3: Action steps

Here you can describe the steps you have already taken to correct the problem since you were suspended. Clearly describe what changes you and your team have made to address the problem, and what changes have been made to tools, processes, or procedures to prevent the problem from recurring.

Part 4: Closing statement

Provide a summary of the actions taken to resolve the issue and a clear request for reinstatement of your sales rights. 

Step 3: Send your complaint to Amazon

Once you have written your POA, you can send it to Amazon for review. To submit your POA, you will need to complete the following steps:

From the Performance drop-down menu in Seller Central, select Performance Notifications.

Locate the suspension notification you received, click the appeal seller suspension button, and then click the Appeal Decision button.

In the form provided, enter the details of your action plan. Also, include a phone number where you can be reached if you have questions.

Click Submit Appeal and your appeal will be sent to Seller Performance for review.

Step 4: Get a response from Amazon

You will typically receive a response from Amazon via email within 48 hours of submitting your complaint. Good luck!

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