How to Adjust to Your Cross-Country Move

Every state, city and even neighborhoods have unique cultures. Moving across the country will take some time to get used to on several levels. Consider these top tips for adjusting to a new city after your cross-country move. Fitting in is an essential human need.


1. Rent a Home First


Adjust to a new city by renting your home first. Regardless of the volume of research performed beforehand, it’s difficult to understand a neighborhood without living there. An area that seems perfect on paper may not be attractive as you arrive.


Rent a home so that you can make easy changes in the near future. When you find an area that you really like, consider a home purchase then. Locking yourself into a financial commitment that may not work out can make adjustments harder than necessary.


2. Unpack Right Away


Living out of a suitcase is the best way to feel disconnected from an area. Speed up your adjustment by unpacking as soon as you move in. Find a spot for all of your favorite items. You may realize that some items aren’t needed anymore. Take this opportunity to toss out any unnecessary items. Physically unpacking makes you feel mentally moved into an area, which reduces stress and solidifies the move in your mind.


3. Enjoy Local Haunts


With your home in an organized state, venture outside for some exploring. Each city will have distinct shops, museums and landmarks. Get familiar with the local culture and vibe by visiting main streets, eateries and more.


Coffee shops, wineries and similar locations are great places to converse with locals. Introduce yourself to folks who’re enjoying an afternoon or evening out on the town. Generating small talk with the locals can turn into lifelong friendships in time.


4. Join Community Groups


Feel like part of the community by joining a local group. Choose a group that you feel passionate about, from helping seniors to supporting nearby schools. Every region will reflect various attitudes and values, reports Business Insider. Get to know the local norms, which gives you a chance to fit in and make friends. Feeling connected to the city will help you adjust and enjoy life. Your perspective also enriches the community, so don’t be shy about voicing your opinion and talents.


5. Expect Extra Expenses


Flexibility on several levels is necessary during a cross-country move. The Today Show cautions everyone that any move will be expensive. The new city might be more expensive than where you lived before, for example. Try to cut expenses wherever possible, such as buying groceries in bulk. Other expenses, such as rent or taxes, are rigid in cost. If you moved because of a career promotion, your employer may be able to ease some of these expenses. Look for your best options as you settle into the new area.


6. Be Realistic


Adjusting to your new home and neighborhood will include both good and bad days. No one will like everything about their new home. Try to be optimistic about most characteristics, however. Your cross-country move may have been prompted by a promotion or personal situation. Focus on the reasons why it was a good idea to move. Overall, the good points should outweigh the negative factors. Try to improve issues that are truly bothering you, if possible. If you’ve rented a home in the wrong location, concentrate on moving to another part of the city that brings you joy.


Everyone will respond differently to a cross-country move. Remember to be patient with yourself as you embark on this adventure. The new city will feel like home in a matter of time.