How to Add Color to a Neutral Space in Your Apartment

Having a colorful apartment makes things cheery, but it’s easy to overdo it. 


A lot of people are afraid of overwhelming their place with bright hues. So, instead, they stick with neutrals. 


Neutral colors are soft and subtle, but wouldn’t it still be nice to incorporate some color here and there? Don’t worry; there’s a way for you to add the right amount of color that blends well with neutrals. 


And, the good news is you can do this without making your apartment look like Lisa Frank’s house


By applying bursts of color here and there, you can create a space that makes you feel happy and content. 


Here are seven ways to add some color that’ll instantly alter the mood of your apartment. 


1. Paint the Inside of Bookshelves


If you don’t want to go overboard by adding too much color, that’s okay. Instead, add colors here and there so bright colors won’t be dominant.


One way to have splashes of in small doses is by painting the inside of your bookshelves. 


You can paint each shelf in a different color or stick with one color. 


If you love a rainbow effect, paint each shelf in a different color. But, don’t forget to take an Instagram-worthy photo before you put your books and decor back on the shelves. 


And, to make sure some of the colors show, don’t cover up every single shelf with books and decor. 


2. Add Bright Appliances 


An easy way to bring color into your kitchen is by getting some small colorful appliances. 


Imagine how cool the color blue would look on the bottom of a pan.


Or, you could get a green toaster to bring in a noticeable zing of color. 


Keep in mind that colorful appliances in shades of green and blue look best paired with a white wall. 


For example, you could pair a green toaster with a blue blender in your kitchen. Together they will create a tranquil feeling in the kitchen and living room area. 


Your living room and kitchen area may have a lot of taupes. If that’s the case, small appliances in yellow and pink will suit the space better. 


3. Freshen Up a Room with Curtains


A fantastic way to add some color to a neutral space is by featuring colorful curtains. 


If you don’t want them too bright, opt for a lighter shade, such as in a light yellow or blue hue. 


You could also select curtains that have more than one color. One idea is red and green curtains with a poppy flower theme


White walls go well with white curtains, but of course, your curtains can still have a fun design with some color.


If you have an art-themed interior, get some curtains with a watercolor pattern to invite color and artful elegance into your apartment. 


Don’t forget about your bedroom. Imagine how beautiful your room would look with cascading turquoise curtains. An ocean-themed bedroom with turquoise curtains and coral pillows would be so serene …


There’s no doubt that curtains with the right amount of color will result in an inviting and fresh interior.


4. Bring in Some Colorful Accessories


Colorful accessories are an instant mood lifter. 


Layer in some accessories in a few of your favorite colors to make things pop. 


Here are some examples of a few colorful accessories that might go well in your interiors: 



Aren’t these bright and uplifting accessories fun? 


Try to buy elements in a few primary shades that you have in other places in your apartment. You can move the accessories around to spice things up whenever you want.


5. Add Colorful Flowers


Adding colorful flowers is a quick and easy way to bring in some color. 


Not only do they add color, but they smell great too! Flowers look fantastic in an entryway or a kitchen. They do a great job of making guests feel welcome. 


And, they’ll bring a smile to your face every time you see them. 


Try to switch up the colors in your flowers to create some diversity. Unfortunately, flowers don’t live forever (unless you get fake ones!). 


So, if you want, you can experiment and display different kinds of flowers in a variety of colors. After a while, you may find you like a couple of styles in particular. 


And, you’re in control of how many flowers you want in your apartment. Display a simple grouping or one by itself in a vase to make a statement. 


6. Find a Home for a Bright Area Rug


Not only is a colorful area rug a great way to brighten things up, but it disguises dirt too. 


Select one in a single shade of color or get one in a fun, uplifting pattern.


A few examples of bright and fun patterns are abstract, flowers, and geometric. 


Place an area rug in a living room and bedroom to add comfort and style. You can have them in other rooms as well, but you don’t want to overwhelm your apartment with rugs! 


Assuming they’re still in good shape, rugs are easy to move to a different room. So, if you decide to switch up the color scheme at some point, you can always relocate the rug. 


To play with color and add some personality to any room, find a colorful rug. You won’t regret it! 


7. Allow One Statement Piece to Steal the Show


If you’re not a big fan of color but would still like a touch of it, add a single statement piece.


Get one that blends in well with everything and is easy to move if you decide to place it elsewhere. 


Say your living room currently consists of mainly white and black decorations. An example of a statement piece would be a sofa or a footstool in a bright color such as pink or yellow. 


Do you prefer to go with a versatile color that blends in well with neutrals? Then a blue sofa in your living room would steal the show without taking over. 


Blue also makes a person feel calm and at home. That’s another reason why it’s an excellent color selection for this type of interior.


In Conclusion


You’re going to have a blast adding color to a neutral space in your apartment. There are so many colors to select from, that it may be hard deciding at first. 


To help narrow it down, do some research online. You might consider making a design board to figure out which colors would look best in your space. 


And, sometimes, it takes some experimenting. Nothing is permanent, so if you don’t like how something looks, move it elsewhere! 


Neutrals are the perfect starting point, and now’s the time to add the right amount of pizzazz to your apartment. 


By the time you’re done adding colorful elements, your apartment will shine! 

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Amber Smith is the Leasing Manager at Catalyst Houston. With over seven years of experience at luxury apartment communities, this Houston native has true pride in her city and understands why Catalyst is the perfect place to call home.