How to Add a WooCommerce Cart Icon to a Menu Bar in WordPress

Do you want to add a WooCommerce shopping cart icon in the menu bars?

Creating the best user experience is crucial when running an online store. If you’re not meeting shoppers’ needs, they will leave your website for a better, more user-friendly alternative.

To make shopping in your store easier, You can include shopping cart totals in the search menu for WooCommerce. This way, customers can view the contents of their carts and pay when they’d like.

This article will explain how to add a WooCommerce shopping cart icon in menus step-by-step.

What Is a Menu Shopping Cart Icon?

Menu cart icons are a tiny icon that appears in your main menu of WooCommerce. Most often, it displays the items in the cart of a customer’s count and changes as they add more items into the cart.

You’ve probably seen cart icons like those when shopping at Amazon. Like this:

Menu Shopping Cart Icon

Why Add WooCommerce Shopping Cart Icon In Menu?

The main advantage of adding cart count icons in the navigator menu is that it allows customers to see the number of items they have added to their cart. Additionally, it gives them an idea of what items will cost before heading toward your payment page.

In addition, menu icons offer users a quick and easy route to the cart’s page. This means that the checkout process becomes more seamless, so users will not abandon their carts.

How to Add WooCommerce Cart Icon to Menu

WooCommerce does not include an icon for shopping carts in the menus that are included by default. You’ll need to install WooCommerce Plugins or create a code.

You can use a free WooCommerce plugin to add an icon to your menu bar.

The plugin we will use is called Menu Cart For WooCommerce. It works with WooCommerce, and many other WordPress eCommerce platforms and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Step 1. Install WooCommerce Menu Cart Plugin

First, go to Plugins » Add New from your WordPress dashboard and type “Menu Card For WooCommerce / Geek Code Lab” into the search box.

Next, click the Install button and click Activate to make the plugin live.

Or the best option is you can download the Menu Cart For WooCommerce plugin from our official website

Step 2: Active the plugin and go to the settings page.

Now activate the plugin and click on the settings to redirect to the plugin’s settings page to customize the WooCommerce cart in the menu.

Step 3: Select the targeted menu for the WooCommerce Cart menu item.

Here you can select the menu to add the WooCommerce Cart menu item. Also, users can choose multiple menus.

Step 4: Select the WooCommerce Cart Icon.

Users can select three free WooCommerce Cart icons. And Other icons are only available in Menu Cart For the WooCommerce Pro plugin.

Configure your cart icon settings, then click the Save Changes button.

You can now visit your site and see your WooCommerce shopping cart icon in the menu bar.

That’s it!

We hope this article is helpful for how to add a WooCommerce shopping cart icon to your side menu bar. You guys are Ready to optimize your online stores using this plugin.