How to Activate Your Xfinity Internet Service?

Activate Xfinity Internet to proceed with Xfinity activation. If you are new to Xfinity streaming service, here explain how to establish the network connection. Spend your free time reading the instructions below:

  • At first, choose a compatible device
  • Connect your device to the network and visit the device app store to install the Xfinity app
  • Fix the Coax cable to your Gateway and cable outlet
  • Launch the Xfinity app and then log in with the appropriate account credentials
  • If you have an Xfinity account, create one by visiting the appropriate account sign up page
  • Access the Xfinity account and navigate to the Devices section
  • Then select the option, Activate xFi Gateway or Modem
  • Go forward with the on-screen guidelines to establish the network connection. Enter the Wi-Fi network password whenever you receive a prompt
  • You will receive a welcome message to begin the process, once if the network connection is active
  • If the activation is complete the Gateway or Modem may restart. You are requested to wait for a while
  • To resolve issues and errors, uninstall the Xfinity app and proceed with the activation once again. You can also try restarting your device once using the appropriate reset settings

If you find it hard to activate Your Xfinity Internet Service, please contact our customer support at 1-805-539-1200. You can wait after ringing the customer support number provided on our website portal