How to activate Xfinity internet

Subscribe the Xfinity service installing the Xfinity beta app on your streaming gadget. If you have an Xfinity modem or a Router approved by the service, streaming becomes much easier

Install the app, sign in and you will receive a prompt to activate the network.

How to activate xfinity Internet service

Steps in detail to activate Xfinity internet and access the service

  • Select a compatible mobile device to install the Xfinity Beta app
  • Switch on your modem, connect the hardware
  • Select the initial and the guided settings
  • Find the app visiting the app store
  • Sign in with the Xfinity credentials

Establish a network connection

  • Select the Wi-Fi Settings
  • Scan the QR code visible on your modem using the app
  • Proceed with the onscreen prompts that appear
  • You will now receive a prompt to provide the wireless network username, password
  • Type the credentials
  • Confirm the username and  password once again
  • Wait until the connection is active
  • You will receive a welcome message on your screen

Verify the Xfinity streaming service

  • Now to verify your Xfinity streaming service, visit the page,
  • Sign with the Xfinity account credentials ,proceed to access the service

What if you come across errors?

  • Now if you end up with issues, check  the network settings, ensure that the hardware connections are secure
  • Also, disconnect the device from the network and try connecting it back again
  • Check the compatibility of the mobile device
  • Sign out of the Xfinity app and try signing in again

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