How to Achieve Best Results with Business Security Systems

Regardless of the type of business you own, it is very important to have a security system. These business security systems can vary greatly, depending on their design, installation, and everyday use. But they provide essential protection from intruders, fire, employee theft, and even employee attendance fraud.

However, you can experience a false sense of security with your system if you are not aware of its vulnerabilities. Below are some ways to achieve better results with your security system for your business’ ultimate protection.

Be Clear About Your Security Goals

Before implementing your business security system, first, identify your security goals. Do you want to monitor people who come and go from your property? Or do you need a high-def video for clear intruder identification? These are only two goals and many more exist.

Identify One Responsible Party for Security Management

One of your most trusted employees should be your business security, project manager. Maybe this is you or someone else within the company. Whomever you choose, they should have been with your company for a lengthy period of time and proven trustworthiness. But they do not have to be an expert in security from the start.

 Your security designee must be able to do the following:

  • Track and monitor security information access
  • Provide a point of contact for maintenance teams and alarm receiving center personnel
  • Maintain responsibility for the business security systems maintenance
  • Regularly update keyholder information
  • Provide a point of contact for the business owner in regard to security information

Provide Employee Training

A security system alone will not protect your business. Instead, you need your employees to know how to use this system, to realize its benefits. It is critical to avoid little mistakes like leaving doors open or forgetting to set the alarm.

Ensure you train all employees on your business security protocols. Also, ensure they know how to use the system features for which they are responsible. Train everyone on how to respond in specific situations, such as if an intruder comes into the property or a fire occurs.

Maintain a Crisis Management Plan

A crisis management plan is an integral part of employee security training. It provides the template of how to act during a crisis. This plan also provides points of contact and how to handle specific scenarios. It also clarifies employee assembly points so everyone knows where to go in a crisis. At the end of the management plan is a review of the crisis, as part of which you determine how to prevent the same type of incident from occurring again.

Provide Adequate Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are a very important part of business security systems. Instead of only focusing on what is happening at your property perimeter, you also need to capture what is happening inside.

Install Overlapping Systems

Your security system needs more than just one type of security. You need surveillance, access control, intrusion monitoring, fire protection, and audible alarms, as examples. You should also consider remote access and management, particularly with so much business taking place off-site these days.

Keep a Maintenance Plan

With a maintenance plan in place, you can reduce the tendency for false alarms and costly early equipment replacement.

Advertise Your Security System’s Existence

Having a security system can deter criminals savvy enough to see it exists. But for those who do not understand the quality of your security, further, deter them through clear signage. If you have CCTV as part of your system, display signs that indicate live CCTV monitoring on-site. These signs, alone, can prevent crime from taking place.

Monitor Property Access

With access control, you can monitor access to your property. This helps you keep tabs on who is coming and going, providing greater peace of mind about your premises, particularly during off-hours.

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