How to Achieve a Rustic Look in Your Home Using Logs

Giving your home a rustic look means bringing the outdoors inside.


On top of avoiding mainstream decor at all costs, a rustic style requires you to seek out natural wood, rocks, and metals. 


But just adding a lovely hickory table to your dining room isn’t enough.


If you really want to pull off that cabin-esque or farmhouse-style interior, you’ll need to think outside of the box.


Think logs.


So, follow along as we go over five ways to add a rustic look to your home using logs.


Creating DIY Log Decor & Furniture


You know what they say: 


“When life hands you logs, make wooden decor or furniture.”


Okay, maybe they don’t say that. But that doesn’t mean you should throw those fallen trees in your backyard into the wood chipper and call it a day.


Instead, drag those freshly fallen logs to the shed and gather your favorite woodworking tools — a saw of your choosing, sandpaper, and wood stain.


Then, it’s time for some DIY.


Here are some DIY log ideas for every room in the house:


Coffee Table


Cut the logs into even sections, stand them vertically, and wrap them with a nice rope to create a rustic coffee table for the living room.


Bedside Table


Keep the log in its natural state, use sandpaper to smooth out the edges, then stand it upright to use as a nightstand beside your bed.


Stair Railing


For a thinner log with bark still attached, install wall brackets every few feet, attach it alongside your staircase, and use it as a rustic railing.




Cut huge notches into a fallen tree, install wood shelving inside, and you’ve got yourself a nifty little log bookcase.


Votive Candle Holder


Dig a bunch of small, round notches into a log. Lie it on its side, drop in your favorite candles, and light them for a romantic dinner.


There are so many possibilities for DIY log projects.


(Just make sure to get rid of any bugs in the log before bringing it into your house!)


Installing Exposed Wood Indoor Siding


Ready for a complete interior design transformation?


Specifically, one that means you’ll never have to buy a can of paint or a sheet of wallpaper ever again? 


Then log wood panels are for you!


These panels are incredibly easy to personalize for a rustic look. You can stain them or paint them, then hang them as a rustic accent on your bedroom wall.


And here’s the best part:


They’re curved just like logs. 


So when you install them on all four walls in your dining room or kitchen, it’ll give off a log cabin vibe. 


The natural beauty of this style is truly unrivaled.


And these panels pair perfectly with similarly colored wood flooring, natural wood ceiling beams, and log support beams.


Using Different Types of Wood & Stains


One of the biggest misconceptions in interior design is that everything has to match. Sure it flows nicely, but too much continuity gets boring.


So switch it up a little!


When you add logs or wood decor into your home, feel free to experiment with different types of wood and varying shades of wood stain.


For example, pair a light oak bookshelf with dark walnut wood flooring and maple ceiling beams overhead.


Keep some natural. Stain or paint others.


The whole purpose of a rustic interior styling is to see the grain in the wood and nature’s patterns. Just be careful not to overdo it.


And if you’ve ever ventured out into the forest, you’d know that several species of trees coexist perfectly together. Don’t be afraid to bring that style into your home!


Adding Log-Themed Light Fixtures


You put so much effort into choosing the perfect hardwood floor, installing wood support beams, and hanging rustic decor on your walls.


But there’s one thing a lot of people overlook when decorating:




And if rustic is really the style you’re going for, a log that’s transformed into a lovely light fixture is a fantastic piece of decor — and source of light, of course.


There are so many options, too. You can:


  • Install a hanging wood light fixture with bare bulbs and cast iron accents for a more rustic vibe over your dining room table.
  • Opt for a standalone driftwood light fixture for the typical log look with a fabulous rustic lantern on top, perfect for your living room’s corner.
  • Hang a rounded log light fixture that combines rope and metal accents for well-lit decor over your kitchen island.


Keep in mind that rustic log decor doesn’t always have to be DIY. If you’d prefer to buy something instead of making it yourself, go for it.


Plenty of home decor retailers sell beautiful log-style accents and light fixtures. Achieve a farmhouse-esque style without getting your hands dirty.


Pairing Rustic Logs With Other Natural Elements


We can’t deny it:


Logs are great.  


But to really bring out the logs’ rustic beauty, you’ll need to incorporate some other natural elements into your decor.


So, balance your wood with some metal and stone.


Incorporate a handmade stone fireplace in the living room alongside your wood panel wall for a cozy, country feel.

Add log decor and light fixtures with cast iron details to round out your rustic theme.

And most of all:

Avoid adding plastic accent pieces, bright metals (like silver and gold), and overly painted or stained woods to your place.

You want to bring out the natural feel, not overshadow it with flashy decor.


There’s no doubt that logs make a great piece of rustic decor. But before you start cutting down trees out back or buying log everything, remember this:

There is such a thing as too much.

There’s a fine line between a classic rustic theme and an all-wood, old-school cabin look. So if you have to ask yourself if you’re using too much wood, you probably are!

Close your eyes, imagine your ideal rustic home, and get to redecorating!

Author Bio:

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer specializing in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Paramount 3800 to help them with their online marketing.