How This Start-up is Disrupting the Virtual Event Industry

The world has become remote after the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most organizations have set up remote working for their employees. Although there are many benefits of remote work, there are some disadvantages. Working remotely means less interaction with employees and a weak bonding between teammates. 

Confetti Helps People Stay Connected While Apart

In a remote-first world, connecting with employees is becoming more and more important. With so many opportunities now available for remote employees, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to keep their employees engaged and happy. One such way is to create an excellent team building experience by organizing virtual yet fun events for your staff.   

If your organization is unable to organize a physical event for all of your staff due to remote work, you can organize a fun and enjoyable virtual event. For this purpose, there is no better platform than Confetti. It is a startup based in New York. Confetti aims to make virtual activities available for all people at an affordable cost. Confetti is a one-of-a-kind virtual platform that is disrupting the virtual event industry by offering companies an easy-to-use platform where they can find, book, and run different virtual experiences for their employees. 

Confetti has a vast range of engaging virtual activities. Confetti offers many virtual team building activities to create a stronger bond between your employees. It is noted that when employees have a strong bond and are supportive of each other, the company’s revenues increase marginally. Confetti’s main motive is to launch experiences that positively impact the human mind and make the relationship stronger. 

Confetti Gets the Virtual Experience Right

There are many virtual activities for companies to choose from for their employees. Experiences range from seasonal celebrations like Black History Month or Employee Appreciation Day to all-year-round and evergreen team-building experiences like Trivia, Escape Quest, and a wide variety of Cooking Classes. 

Confetti has a virtual activity for everyone based on their interests and lifestyle. These experiences are a great way for HR people to build a stronger company culture, but they are also very popular among Marketing and Sales directors to run department-specific events like Sales Kick-off and Marketing team building events.

Due to an increase in remote workers in the first world, many companies prefer to engage their teams in virtual activities. Confetti provides virtual team building experiences for almost every global and local event. Therefore, In the last 12 months, the company experienced a record-breaking growth increase of 600%. The team grew from 11 to 50+ people across 5 countries.

Confetti is slowly yet steadily making its way on the top. Over 2,500 companies have trusted Confetti with helping them build happier, more holistic teams. With support from its customers, Confetti is soon to become a top name in the world of virtual events organizers.  

If you are looking to strengthen your team, you can trust Confetti to provide exceptional virtual team-building activities. Confetti offers everything you need to run a successful virtual event. Their dedicated coordinators will help plan your experiences free of charge. 

Michael Caine

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