How TheAfricanQuest is Revolutionizing African Safari Travel

The impact that the pandemic has had on the travel sector has been enormous. An entire industry was destroyed in the interim and things took a turn for the worse for a longest time. Countries that depended on a steady stream of foreign tourists for their bread & butter faced the harshest of times.

They say harsh seas make some of the best sailors, this is no less true in the case of the travel industry as well. Necessity has forced the industry to become more austere, cut expenses & run in a far more efficient manner.

However, things do not end there itself. Safari companies began innovating in novel ways, chief among which involved 3D safaris, turning the idle time of their vehicles into transport devices and so on.

However, none of these actions did anything significant to allay the concerns of the laid off employees and this deepened & widened the crack between the safari companies & the employees that truly run the show.

You see, the thriving safari industry works in the following way. Some traveller in the west or any other affluent country would be desirous of visiting Africa and he/she would simply look up some of these safari tours on the internet or with their local travel company.

The travel company brings in the order through various digital channels such as tie-ups with local suppliers, digital marketing initiatives on the website and other third-party channels. After which the travel company is only responsible for managing the booking and ensuring that the clients are in touch with the ground team.

From the ground team, things are almost always exclusively managed by the local team in the given country say Tanzania, Kenya or even Botswana & so on. This includes reservations for the hotel, vehicle, fuel, refreshments & everything under the sun. You might think that this also translates to companies giving away their fair share of earnings to these local suppliers but that’s rarely the case.

You see, the supply for these guides in the host country is huge, even enormous if one may use the term freely. To give you a perspective, over 44% of Tanzania’s land mass is set aside for tourism & more than 9% of the population rely on tourism directly [Source: WorldBank] . This supply glut leaves a very narrow negotiating power for the tour guides who are then not as motivated to excel at work.

What the system needs, then, is empowering these local guides who can then feel motivated enough to take the safari experience to the next level, which in a business like this almost always means repeat business.


This is precisely what TheAfricanQuest offers as a unique way to ensure to ensure that their customers have nothing less than an absolutely heavenly experience during their stay & journey in Tanzania. All the employees including the founder & MD boast clothes that are distinctly marked with the company logo and the team.

The team is mentioned all over the website & maximum transparency along with a collaborative culture is pervious throughout the company. Moreover, the ground team that, in essence, do all the work are also paid well which ensures customer delight and repeat purchase, this is exactly what makes the model so successful.


How To Plan?

A typical safari tour to Tanzania involves adventurers flying down to Kilimanjaro international airport, from there you have the option of visiting the foothills of the “roof of Africa” or simply or going ahead to Arusha for your overnight stay.

The next day, you can either set out to visit the Kilimanjaro base or if you have already paid your respects, you can go ahead and venture out to visit the hight national parks in the country like the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro National Park & the Lake Manyara National park all of which have their own special sets of interests & attractions.


What Are the Accommodations Like?

A Tanzania safari, if left unchecked, can be quite expensive but it does not necessarily need to be so. During the course of the journey, you have the option of selecting 3 tiers of safaris. Budget, mid-tier & premium.

The premium safaris come with the swankiest of villas, premium jeeps & several options for dining. But most travellers visit Africa not for being adorned in luxury and for dining continental but to experience the raw & rugged side of Africa, the way it is supposed to be. So we recommend choosing a hybrid of budget camping + a few resorts for selected places.

These candid advices are rarely given by most tour operators which more often than not, tends to be detrimental for their business.


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