How Covid-19 has changed the world of models and how the search for new leading faces has evolved. Elvira Jain is the proof.

How Elvira Jain has become the example of the model revolution.

Coronavirus has completely and drastically changed our lives. Our habits have suffered an earthquake. We experienced daily emotional rollercoaster, loosing the balance. And all our way of working has changed drastically.
I am of the opinion that you have changes you have to be resilient. Most importantly you don’t have to go against them but, as difficult as it is, accept them and find a new solution.
For many of us, Covid has been an unparalleled upheaval. And the world of work has had to change with it. The implementation of smart working . The change in working hours and methods . Moreover, shops have had to close the shutter while new professions have seen the light. In short, we must also look at the other side of the coin. If for many at work it was a catastrophe for others it was a rebirth and a new restart.

Let’s think about the world of fashion that has lived of live glamorous events, presentations, fashion weeks. From this year the fashion weeks and the presentations have been completely digital. The search of the models it is definitely veered too.

We all know the IT models of the moment. Firstly, Hailey Biber, Kendal Jenner, Kaya Gerber and in addition Gigi and Bella Hadid. But for this season we have seen a huge number of new faces who are ready to take the stage. And not just in fashion! Not only during fashion weeks but also for shooting campaigns and general advertising. Lot of models have become leading voices in the social media. With their tips on skincare, fitness, outfit and mindfulness they subsequently become of inspiration for many people.

Elvira Jain is one of these models who are changing the industry while becoming one of the IT models for 2021 and the years to come. Elvira Jain was born in Moldova and she is the granddaughter of the renowned scientist Ion Habasescu. Not just a pretty face and fabulous body, Elvira graduated in Finance and MBA in Finance from London Business School. She got signed with agencies around the world and has worked with big brands, been on various magazine covers and many leading campaign. In addition, Elvira started her own agency, Dmd Model Management, a scouting/mother agency who sold 5 years later the creation. Most importantly now she is working on a new beauty technology that will change the world from using Botox or injections to more a natural beauty process giving the same result.

A real entrepreneur who is loved from more than 80K people on Instagram who daily check her Stories, follow her tips and watch her dreamy photos. Currently Elvira is living in Dubai where she is working on her new beauty technology, she is modeling and also working as influencer

This an example of how Covid 19 has changed the world of fashion and modeling. To sum up, models like Elvira Jain, are not anymore just models but has expanded their visions. Not just a single sector but more. This is the key for the post-pandemic economy. Being in more than one activity, closely linked to each other, but which allow to space and contaminate.

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