How the Nursing Shortage of 2021 Disproportionately Affects Smaller Clinics

It’s estimated that millions of nurses are needed in the United States to prevent critical shortages in an industry that’s already suffering. What’s worse is that this shortage of nurses is worse in small clinics, which means smaller communities feel the pressure. The issue is multifaceted, and it’s important to understand what’s going on and why the shortage affects smaller communities.

Lower Pay

The cost of living is high across the nation. This forces folks to seek out employment that’s going to pay well. Sadly, this is a problem smaller clinics and health care centers face all the time. They can’t afford to pay their nurses as much as some larger hospitals. With this in mind, it’s crucial to have good, reliable staff in a small town medical center. That requires a reliable background check for job seekers. After selecting potential employees, small clinics have to negotiate pay. However, due to the shortage, many clinics have to cut costs elsewhere to offer better pay.

More Responsibilities

Large clinics have sufficient staff to ensure all tasks are taken care of. This allows nurses to focus on the job and nothing else. This sounds good, and it’s one reason nurses work in a large hospital. Sadly, that’s not the typical experience in a small clinic or health care center. These places might be short-staffed, which means more is to be expected of nursing staff. They may have to do administrative work on top of everything else they do. These additional responsibilities can drive applicants away. Clinics need to find a way to make that extra work feel more rewarding. Maybe workers can use those tasks to build up their resumes.

No Conveniences

People love to be near everything. They want to be close to entertainment centers, friends, and family. They want to be in a place where they can find anything they want. This makes everything convenient for people, and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s one reason smaller clinics and health care centers are getting hit by this shortage more than more prominent hospitals located in bigger cities. Nurses who live near and work at large hospitals in big cities have access to luxurious amenities. This is something smaller clinics can’t compete against. Smaller clinics need to highlight what makes their towns special so that the town begins to look more appealing.

No Growth Potential

Some nurses want to reach higher. They look at their nursing career as something to grow with, which can’t be easily done in smaller clinics. Some clinics don’t have many positions, so even if nurses wanted to climb up to a higher position, smaller clinics might not have a position for them to climb up to. This is not appealing to some nurses, forcing those nurses to seek employment in a large hospital. It might be a good idea to find ways to offer room for improvement. Maybe supporting nurses’ educational goals would be a good idea.

Not Enough Perks

Large hospitals offer better perks in so many ways. Sure, the money alone is one of the biggest perks they offer, but they offer others. Since their staff is so big, they can offer a more flexible schedule and more time off. Some of these perks can attract nurses who want to feel appreciated where they choose to work. Smaller clinics can’t offer these types of perks, but that doesn’t mean smaller clinics can’t provide anything. What they can offer are value perks. For example, they can offer discounted housekeeping or babysitting services even when they aren’t working. Nurses are pretty tired when they get home. Offering these types of services should make smaller clinics more attractive.

These are some reasons the nursing shortage is affecting smaller clinics more. It’s a tragic situation, but no one can deny the issue, so it’s essential to pay close attention to it.