How The Music Industry Makes Money: Criticisms You Need To Know


Who said you couldn’t make money in the music industry?

If you love making music, it can become one of the most fulfilling ways to live your life. In addition, the music industry has many lucrative ways that allow people to earn money.

So, whether you want to take this as a full-time job or simply just a side gig, money is flowing out there. You just need the right net to catch it.

The music industry is not only about selling your music and earning money. It is just one pillar and is quite common among musicians and artists.

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For the musicians, as long as they are making good music that has an audience, they will grow in the music industry. But, what about the people without any musical talent? Well, to know that we have this article.

This article will talk about different revenue-generating streams from the music industry.

Ways To Make Money In Music Industry

If you think singing and selling music is the only way to make money in the music industry, think again!

Let me begin by asking you a question – Who runs the music industry? Are they artists, musicians, producers, directors, music composers, or the technicians that offer technical support? 

Although they might be an important part of the music industry, they individually don’t control the music industry. That means, as long as you can become a part of any pillar supporting the industry, you can make money.

You just need to find the right skills to use it.

Below are the different areas where you can make money in the music industry.

1. Sound Engineering

Sound engineering can be a good way to make money in the music industry. No matter how good a singer or artist is, they need to record their music for others. 

This is where sound engineering offers its expertise. You can even work as a composer and help the musician bring their work to life. 

2. Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise has always been one of the main sources of income for the music industry. Remember how you used to buy wristbands, bandanas, and even rings of your favorite artist during your teenage years. Yes, that was for promoting their new songs and music, but the ultimate goal was to make money out of it.

Although the merchandise is not as popular as it used to be decades ago, they are still one of the most profitable ways to make money in the music industry.

3. Live Performances

Live performances do pay a lot of money to the artists and musicians. And why wouldn’t they? After all, people are so eager to see their favorite singer or instrument player playing their favorite song right before their eyes.

However, be careful where you play. Performing more often would certainly help you make more money, but overplaying on a local level can diminish your earning potential.

4. Video Production

Video production is one of the areas where most of the cash flows occur in the music industry. In the modern age where the new generation has no idea how a DVD and CDs look, online video music is the only way to reach out to them, and for that, the artist needs music production houses.

5. Video Editing

With video production comes video editing. You cannot just post random videos with your music. The video needs to have a meaning, and that can only come with proper editing.

If you have the technical skills to edit videos, this can be an interesting field to earn money in the music industry.

Final Thoughts

Have your eyes opened on the possibilities yet?

We all know that if you have the talent of singing or playing a musical instrument, you can make tons of money. In that case, the music industry is the perfect place for your career to thrive.

But what if you do not have these two talents? Can you survive and make money in the music industry? Well, you can certainly do with the methods discussed in this article.

If anyone in the music industry is aware of different revenue-generating ways, tell us in the comment section.