How the Flesch Reading Ease Test can help to increase your Readability Score?

The writings which are difficult to read is also much difficult to understand. It seems boring if people have to slow down to read your writing. Nothing is more dangerous for your content, then unreadable content. By unreadable content, this is not only mean a text which is not able to read. It is much more than that.

If your content doesn’t provide any value for the target audience, then your content never optimized for readability. In this post, I will share some tips about how you can write better. How do you write with the help of the Flesch Reading Ease Test?

What is the Flesch Reading Ease Test?

The Flesch reading ease test is design to indicate how difficult to understand a paragraph in English. There are two types of test, the Flesch Reading-Ease test, and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. In 1975 J. Peter Kincaid under the contact of U.S. Navy, developed the Flesch-Kincaid.

Flesch Reading Ease Test is basically a formula which shows readability score. If the formula shows high scores, then it means that content is easy to read and understand. But if it shows a low score, it means the content is difficult to read and understand.

What is the Flesch reading ease score?

According to an estimate by Wikipedia, a score between 0-30 shows that content is much difficult to read and understand. This type of content easily understood by university graduates.

A score between 60-70 shows that content is easy to read and understand. These kinds of contents are easily understood by 8th to 9th-grade level.

Likewise, a score between 90-100 shows that the content is easy to read and understand. These kinds of contents are easily understood by an average 10-11-year old student.

To put this stance, the score of Harvard Business Review is 30 which, is difficult to read and on the other hands, the score of Readers Digest is 65 which is easy to read and understand. Basically, long words and long sentences bring low score and making your content difficult to understand.



These contents are very easy to read, easily understood by an average 10-11-year-old student


These contents are easy to read


These contents fairly easy to read


These contents are easily understood by 13-15-year-old students


These contents fairly difficult to read


These contents are difficult to read, best understood by college graduates


These contents are very difficult to read, best understood by university graduates


These contents are Extremely difficult to read and professionals can read

When is Flesch-Kincaid most useful?

 Flesch-Kincaid is used for:

  • Copywriting for your website.
  • Help in advertising your product.
  • Help in boosting your Search Engine Optimization performance.
  • Help in writing terms and conditions.
  • Help in selecting the textbook for classes or training programs.
  • Help in editing your novels.
  • Help in communicating your research with an audience.
  • Help you give a valuable insight into how easy your text is understood.

How to increase your readability score?

By paying attention to certain factors, your content can change from a long paragraph and hard-to-read content into a short paragraph and easy to read the content. Some of these factors as:

Shorten your paragraphs:

Too many long sentences make your text difficult for readers, whereas short sentences make your text easier. Short paragraphs usually break up the content that allows readers to understand the content easily. The average paragraph should around five sentences. Breaking the long paragraphs by headings and subheadings.

Choose small words with more power:

While writing tries to keep your readers attention by writing directly. Don’t use excessive words in your writing. Instead of using ‘’a long marathon.’’ The word ‘’marathon’’ itself means it is long. So, choose small words instead of long words.

Consider your target audience, not for score:

Always consider your target audience when every piece you are writing along with your readability score. Always try to write by keeping the audience in his mind. Everything you writing is ultimately read by your audience. 

There are some more factors as:

  • Write as you talk.
  • Simplify your vocabulary.
  • Keeps it simple.
  • Break it up.


Content with good readability score and higher engagement rate has many benefits, which as:

  • Help in decreasing bounce rate.
  • Help in increasing time on site.
  • Help in content delivers for the reader.
  • Readers want to share your content with others.
  • Readers go deep into your site for more knowledge.

They also:

  • Help to click on CTAS.
  • Help to add products to their shopping carts.
  • Help to spend money with you.
  • Help to keep on coming back.

Having a readable website with engaging content is a boost for any business or organization. You can check website design Adelaide it will help you to get what you looking for.