How Techpay will keep its growth potential consistent?

TechPay current scenario :

While projects promise to produce a preferment layer 1blockchain, TechPay Team released it straight away, generating 495,000+ blocks and 2.5 million+ transactions without a single transaction failure or reversal until the chain reset a few days ago.

On March 11, 2022, the TPC coin was listed on LBank Exchange, allowing investors engaged in TechPay to acquire and trade TPC efficiently.

The rate of TechPay Coin is $1.03 now, with a 24-hour trading activity of $1,022,762. Also, the price of TPC has increased by 89.33% in the previous 24 hours.

TechPay Coin is a Layer 1 Blockchain that possesses the capacity to execute hundreds and thousands of operations per second without sacrificing any element or functionality already accessible in blockchains.

TechPay Chain | the globe’s initial blockchain system based on a novel version of Direct Acyclic Graphs (DAG) & pBFT For Scalability & Security Respectively.

The Project boasts a massively efficient bespoke layer 1 PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain that’s more environmentally conscious and allows smart contracts and decentralized applications to be built on top of it.

Moreover,  TechPay has implemented the Sirrus protocol for its network, which is EVM friendly and allows for charging fast transaction processing. On TechPay Chain, up to 300,000 TPS can occur per second.

TechPay also provides 100% finality, allowing it to confirm transactions with higher assurance in as little as 1.15 seconds.

While other systems allow for payment reversal due to probabilistic certainty, this network does not permit this due to its lawless design, increasing safety even further.

TechPay performance :

In terms of performance, TechPay Coin beat Solana by 4.5 times, making it the greatest infinitely scalable Blockchain to date.

The TechPay team is also looking forward to implementing new technology to boost TPS ability and achieve a sub-second Time-to-Finality.

TechPay’s Mainnet network has produced 495,000+ blocks verifying 2.5 million+ transfers without a single transaction mistake or reversal to date, illustrating the channel’s immense reliability and security. And it solve the problem of blockchain trilemma, scalability, decentralisation and security.

While other Layer-1 Blockchain’s service charges are soaring, TechPay Chain’s service fees are a quarter of that. In even the most current Blockchain transaction, only 0.0000021$ was utilized.

EVM is interoperable with the TechPay As a consequence, it can enable Smart Contracts, decentralized apps, and NFTs, boosting the Defi and Web 3.0 field even more.

Also, TechPay’s ground-breaking innovation would ultimately answer the need for a standards-compliant blockchain that will handle the demands of NFT Space.

TechPay will contain non-congested dApps and scalable smart contracts, establishing decentralized Web 3.0 platforms. Moreover, Projects placed on TechPay’s System give stability, affordability, and fast efficiency.

TechPay Coin overcomes the blockchain trilemma, which asserts that a blockchain cannot have it all: decentralization, permanence, and security; it must sacrifice one of these characteristics to work.

To the most significant degree feasible, TechPay Coin integrated all of these features

TechPay as a blue-chip :

Energy consumption is dramatically reduced because hashing capacity is not necessary to satisfy the next shard.

Moreover, A one-second block time is included.


Techpay coin could be a blue chip due to these points:

TechPay Coin’s launch was nothing short of spectacular

In the age of Tokens & Memecoins, TechPay Coin Brought an infinitely scalable layer 1 blockchain that has a purpose.

There is a massive problem with all the blockchains in the space, Scalability & Efficiency. TechPay Coin solves it with utmost performance & minimum gas fees


So, in this way, TechPay will be the currency of the future and it can keep its growth potential consistent for sure.

Michael Caine

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