How Technology Is Improving Access to Healthcare

Technology has taken over and profoundly re-written the healthcare industry. Mobile apps, in particular, have enabled easy access to healthcare services for patients worldwide. This is because both doctors and nurses are now embracing the use of these digital inventions.

Mobile applications have made it possible for patients to fix appointments, seek consultation services from doctors, and purchase medication altogether. As for the doctors, the apps offer an efficient and accurate way of monitoring and checking their patients’ health status.

Because the increase in population is rapidly happening, the providence for healthcare services in standard hospital buildings is becoming a challenge. That’s where mobile applications come in.

Though certain conditions can only be addressed in a hospital building, most patients only want consultation services. With improved technologies, doctors can easily connect with their clients, listen to their issues, and give them an e-prescription for their troubles.

This will end up reducing the queues seen in the waiting room and save time for both doctors and patients. With such and more capabilities in using mobile apps, patients and doctors are increasingly using this technological method to receive healthcare services. 

As a result, in demand for mobile healthcare apps, a Statista study showed that there are nearly 50, 000 medical apps available in the Apple app store alone.

So, how are mobile healthcare apps making healthcare more accessible? Let’s find out.

Immediate Connections

Healthcare mobile applications enable on-demand care for the patients using them. The apps offer a wide variety of communication channels for doctors and patients to get in touch.

Some applications even offer 24/7 doctor consultations, which results in real-time assistance for your ailments. Such advances end the healthcare system’s standard procedures for making appointments and waiting for hours to see a doctor.

Also, patients can easily and quickly ask general health questions, which will see them prevent various diseases. Healthcare mobile apps offer on-demand and real-time communication, which makes healthcare services easily accessible.

Quick Access to Healthcare Records

As a doctor or any healthcare provider, the patients’ information records and data are the most critical aspects of the medical industry. A single patient can contain vast amounts of data, including:

  •   Family history
  •   Medical history
  •   Undertaken tests
  •   Previous procedures
  •   Prescriptions
  •   Follow-ups
  •   Financial data, etc.

Thanks to mobile apps, such information is quickly accessible for doctors, enabling them to make informed decisions on how to handle the patient at hand. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the security of your information being presently available.

Here is why – Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Medical Coding are significant upgrades from physical files and copies. They offer a secure way of handling such crucial information and preventing damage to records or data loss. 

Moreover, these applications make patient data safe and simultaneously accessible in various devices via cloud storage. Amazing, right?

Informed Decision Making

After doctors are exposed to such information about their clients, making presentations, and future decisions becomes very informed. Additionally, Doctors will now have access to data and info about new updates in medicine, treatment methods, and procedures.

Therefore, healthcare providers have access to relevant information on the particular ailment, previous adverse cases, and current medications when dealing with a patient. With such capabilities, mobile healthcare apps ensure an increased accuracy in diagnosis.

Other than that, doctors also use these apps for prescribing lab tests, medical examinations, and interpretation of results.

Monitors Patients

Follow-ups are essential for the success of treating ailments. Doctors need to collect clinical data, monitor the patient’s rehab, and regulate the patient’s activity, among other procedures.

Observing such functions enables the doctor to ascertain if their patient is responding to the treatment, and doesn’t suffer any complications. Healthcare mobile apps allow both parties to keep in touch with each other.

Therefore, doctors can easily follow up on their client’s health status without needing any hospital visits.

Easy Access to Medicine

One of the major concerns in healthcare is high medical costs. Few service providers, lesser conveyance, and long-distance are significant contributors to the hike in the price of medicine.

However, technology has significantly changed this narrative. With mobile healthcare apps, people can quickly and efficiently purchase medicine and deliver them in the comfort of their homes.

Moreover, consumers can now compare prices and finalize purchasing the most affordable one. All this made possible by mobile healthcare apps without any hassles or inadequacy. It makes sure that people can finally get great value for their hard-earned cash. You will purchase from the most affordable service providers who also have quality products. Technology applications have surely come to save the lives of many people worldwide.

Better Coordination of Healthcare Services

Thanks to mobile apps, basics like charting, billing, and messaging, among others, have seen tremendous influence. Additionally, several applications offer the translation capability that makes communication between both parties more clear.

Hence, these healthcare apps assist healthcare professionals to listen, understand, and provide treatments accordingly. This minimizes any mistakes that may arise in adversities.

It is a great way to ensure that effective healthcare is promoted all over the world, whereby doctors can consult on new treatment plans that are working in other geographical regions. People have a better chance at getting high-class treatment from doctors who are far away from them.


It is evident that technology has greatly impacted access to healthcare. Even remote areas can benefit from world-class information regarding healthcare, as healthcare apps makes it easy for doctors to share information. Patients also get the opportunity to experience an advanced healthcare system, where they benefit from better treatment facilities. 

Such technology has also made healthcare much more cost effective and more people can access the best possible treatment options. People do not have to physically visit hospitals when they have some condition, but they can have prescriptions on online platforms. Medicine deliveries can also be made to the comfort of such patients.




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