How tech news is changing amidst the war in Ukraine

February 24 has divided the lives of Ukrainians into “before” and “after” the start of an invasion. And, while after more than 3 months of full-scale war, many of us have figured out the way how to continue living day-to-day life under the air-raid sirens and constant threat to our lives, there’s something in our preferences that changed forever. Tech news in its traditional meaning was no longer a priority.

We started paying closer attention to the situation on the frontline, to the tech and weaponry that the Ukrainian military uses right now, and which can help us fight for our freedom in the future. At the moment the term “tech news” became associated with tech that can bring Ukrainian victory closer. And media outlets in Ukraine had to adapt not just to the new reality, but to the new requirements of their readers. You can check out African defense news on Military Africa.

Root-Nation was one of the leading Ukrainian tech websites. And now it covers not just everyday tech, that anyone of us can use, but also gadgets, vehicles, tools, and weaponry utilized by Ukrainian armed forces on the battlefield. And as the news of foreign aid or potential deals starts to appear the website covers this potential aid in detail and in a way that anyone can understand how new weapons might make a big deal. You can also visit Readsme for more news.

Root nation

A panel of website experts and guests that specialize in military and weapons tech deliver the latest and most important news – the ones that can bring peace and calm to the Ukrainian territory.

The new direction proved to be successful not only among the Ukrainian audience. Foreign readers and even military experts have quoted the website’s “tech news” coverage, urging the world leaders to help Ukraine in its fight for independence.

punisher drone

Of course, through these 100+ days of the war, we started paying attention to the regular tech news as well, you can also visit But that’s in part to the “tech” that brings confidence, that life in Ukraine will soon get back to normal.