How social media has a significant impact on crime rates

As users of social media, we can all agree that we’ve had some positive and some not-so-positive experiences. Among the many chat messenger apps available nowadays, we use at least one or two apps for communication purposes. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that allows users to conduct audio and video chats without interruption. Thanks to social media, people are now more aware of what’s happening around them. Smartphones are easily available in the market, and if you can’t buy a new one, you can purchase a second-hand mobile device. This makes social media accessible to almost every earning individual.

Social media is the place to be whether you’re in search of a job or want to hire someone. It’s a great place to share your ideas and opinions with the world. It’s also the fastest way to get information about people since almost everyone has a social media account nowadays. On the downside, social media users of any age are vulnerable to cyber-crime. Your personal information can be hacked within a matter of seconds if you’re not cautious at all times. Social media has had both favorable and unfavorable impacts on crime rates. Given below is a list of risks that run parallel to the conveniences provided by social media:

Stealing someone’s identity:

Identity scams are a great cause for concern in the social networking world. Scammers can steal your identity and use it for their benefit. Once they have the necessary bits of information they can use it to gain access to your financial accounts. The fraudster can use your name and other details to gain monetary or other benefits. To keep yourself safe you should log out of all your private accounts using your chatting app once you’re done using them.

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Creating a fake profile:

Some people use other people’s identities to damage their reputations. Initially, they’ll send you a friend request and wait for you to accept. Once you’ve accepted they’ll go through your details and use them to create a fake profile. They can edit your pictures using certain software, to make them look vulgar and obscene. If you find out someone has made a fake account with your name, report it immediately and ask your online friends to do the same.

Befriending first then  blackmailing:

Sometimes you can get into serious trouble by chatting with strangers. This person will approach you and try to flatter you so you add him. He’ll act sweet and show a lot of interest in getting to know you better. Next, he’ll ask for personal information such as your contact details and address. Once you give away your details, he can use your personal information to blackmail you. Never give out any personal details to anyone you’ve just met online.

Asking for unnecessary information:

People who are desperately looking for jobs often join job search websites. However, not all such websites are reliable. Some fraudulent websites ask individuals to provide CNIC and bank account details. They might even schedule fake interviews with the individual to get further information. They’ll ask you to pay a heavy registration fee as part of the job application process. They might even hack into your bank account using the information you provided. Never give out important details before verifying the website first.

Eyeing targets for burglary:

Criminals can use social media to spot burglary targets. It is very normal for people to post about special events or vacations on social media. If you’ve been putting up a lot of pictures lately, about the places you’ve been to and the things you’ve bought, you might be attracting more attention than is necessary. Assassins can find out where you live and land at your doorstep to steal from you, or worse, take your life for ransom. Keep your settings private while sharing personal pictures or videos using your chat messenger app.

Damaging the victim psychologically:

Cyberstalking is a common crime that many have fallen prey to on social media. This is a form of online harassment. A cyber-stalker will make the victim feel uncomfortable and anxious by using abusive or threatening language. The stalker might send the victim odd and disturbing messages. Victims of cyber-stalking often suffer from severe anxiety and develop serious psychological disorders. You should immediately block and report anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable online.

Kidnapping and killing:

Social media platforms let you voice your opinions freely, but they don’t guarantee your safety. People often share their political views openly on their walls, in comments, in groups, and communities. While some political parties practice tolerance, some might take active measures to punish those who speak up against them. There are cases where people have been kidnapped and murdered for expressing their dislike of certain political parties.

People who use chat messenger apps to create accounts on social media should be mindful of their choices. Some fraudulent apps ask you to provide personal details but have no check and balance as to who can access your data. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that comes with a long list of community guidelines. It explains how you can only share photos and videos that you took or have the right to share. The app discourages users from putting up posts that reflect extremism, hatred, or violence. NEEO prohibits users from posting nude or obscene content on the platform. As a user, if you come across a post that violates any of the app’s policies, you can report it right away and let NEEO take care of the rest!