How Social Media Can Help You to Find A Job – The Best Way

With today’s social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google + at an all time user high, there prove to be many great benefits from that provide job seekers with a wide range of job search resources.

In addition to the typical requirements that potential employers need like a cover letter, resume, and work-related references, the use of social media sites now allow more detailed incite for a business to research their newest possible team member. Not stopping there, soon to be employers can also connect with their current and prospective job seekers for specific company-related updates and openings.

The Career Builder Study will Shock You

To prove the resourcefulness of social networking sites in assisting various job seekers, Career Builder recently performed a study that surveyed over 2,300 different Human Resource and hiring managers on the relative importance of social networking being integrated into the overall employee hiring process. Amazingly, the study came back with some rather interesting facts.


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First, Career Builder discovered that more than 37% of all potential employers use at least one specific social networking site in order to sift through all of the applications that are received. Although some might not think that this percentage is that important, many company’s’ actually will make a hiring decision based on an individuals’ social medial website.

As Career Builder continued their research with more in-depth job candidate-specific information, more staggering numbers came to the surface. When businesses were asked the main reason that they search potential employees networking sites over 61% of them said it was to see if an individual presents themselves professionally. Some more interesting statistics are listed below:

  • 51% of potential employers want to know if a candidate is a good fit for their specific business culture. 
  • 45% of companies want to learn more about possible employee’s personal and job-related skills. 
  • 35% of employers have actually not hired a prospective employee solely because of their social networking site. 
  • 45% of employers have not hired an applicant due to evidence of drug use and alcohol consumption on their personal social networking page. 
  • 29% of businesses have found something positive on candidates networking page that has lead to the hiring of a specific job seeker. 

Develop a Self Promoting Video Resume of Yourself

One of the best ways that your social media networking website will help you land a prospective job is to create a video resume of yourself to place you above the competition. Although this is a great option for you to stick out as an applicant, it’s very important to make the video resume professional, natural, and informative. Because very few people have developed a unique video resume, along with your social media networking site, it could be the difference between getting the job that you’re looking for or not.

When deciding to develop a video resume of yourself, there are several essential characteristics that must be maintained in order to provide a beneficial video resume. Some of the most important aspects to remember are articulating why you are the best fit for the position, keeping the video short and to the point and don’t rush through your self-presentation.

If you are not a relatively outgoing person, you short skip this tool altogether. Another important part of creating this unique, self-promoting resume is that, because you are filming yourself, you can start over at any point in time so that the best final product is produced.