How should you apply for student accommodation in Coventry?

I. Types of school dormitories

There are two types of dormitories: Full-board and Self-catered. Full-board dormitories usually provide breakfast and dinner, and some provide three meals, but dinner is not usually provided on holidays. Self-catered dormitories usually provide cooking equipment such as stoves (including ovens), refrigerators, microwaves, tea kettles, dining tables and chairs, while pots and pans and spoons and chopsticks are provided.

There are three types of Manchester student apartments: Standard, En-suite room and Studio flat. Standard rooms are divided into single rooms, double rooms and suites for three or more people. Single and double rooms have individual bathrooms, while rooms for three or more people have to share a bathroom. The rooms are basically equipped with single beds, desks, fixed lamps, bookshelves, internet and cable TV sockets, etc. You will need to bring your own bedding, toiletries and slippers.

A Cluster Flat is a collection of rooms called a Flat or Apartment. A Cluster Flat usually has a common door, and there are several rooms after entering, each with a door.

Standard is a common bedroom with a bed (usually a single bed), a desk and a wardrobe. There are two kinds of standard bedrooms. There are two types of rooms, one is standard rooms with washbasin, which means that the bedroom has a small washbasin (and a large mirror with a small light) and is not normally damp. The other type of room is a normal room without a washbasin. These rooms are usually cleaned regularly by someone.

5. En-suit rooms usually have 5-7 people living in a flat, with a shared kitchen. The bedroom is equipped with basic amenities and has a separate bathroom with a toilet, shower and washbasin. This bathroom is included in the bedroom and may make the room slightly damp. Some schools have two different types of En-suite, Superior and Basic, but the bedrooms are similarly equipped, except that the number of people sharing the kitchen is different. The former is smaller and has a larger area. The latter has a smaller kitchen and more shared space.

The Studio Flat is a step up from the En-suite, with a separate bathroom, sink and toilet, as well as its own kitchen. It is a single room with a double bed and a larger room, suitable for students with children or couples sharing. These rooms are relatively rare and need to be requested in advance. Personally, I feel that students who are more concerned about privacy and quality of life and who want to live on campus should consider this. Alternatively, Studio is ideal for couples, which is cosy and convenient and saves money. However, it is necessary to consider that Chinese people cook in general; pollution is more serious, and this kind of room with an open kitchen needs to be considered for ventilation and odour dispersion and grease smoke prevention.

Second, the advantages of school dormitory

1. Lively and popular. Sharing a dormitory with students from all over the world is also a window to understand the culture of different countries.

2. Convenient, you don’t have to worry about the bills, and you can tell the school directly if something is not working.

3. The dormitory is usually located on campus, so it is safe, especially for girls.

4. It is close to the school and the library, but this varies from school to school, for example, there are many university halls of residence in London, which are located in various parts of London.

5. The dormitory is fully furnished and equipped with everything except personal things, so you don’t need to prepare for it. 6. There is a person to manage and clean the dormitory, but it is only limited to the common space, you still need to organize your own dormitory.


1. The school may require students to pay the full cost of Manchester student accommodation for one semester or one academic year at a time, which may cause some financial pressure for those who are not too well-off.

2. You may have to move out during the holidays. University halls of residence in the UK have different rules during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. Some university halls of residence can be applied for a full year, while others will require students to move to another hall of residence during the three holidays. Therefore, when applying for halls of residence, it is important to be aware of the rules governing the management of the halls. Generally speaking, if you need to move out during the holidays, you can ask a fellow student to borrow a room for a period of time, or look for outside student accommodation, which is also available on a short term basis by the week, or the university accommodation office will help students to find a place to stay. You can also choose to live with a British family in a homestay.

IV. Prices

The price of a school dormitory is relatively more expensive than renting a room outside, after all, the school unified management, you do not have to worry too much, to avoid a lot of trouble, in addition, when applying for a dormitory school need to pay a deposit, mainly to prevent the room will be damaged, if the room in the check-out time is no problem, usually will be fully refunded, but in the off-campus rental room will also encounter the same situation.

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