How Secure is Your Home and Your External Doors?

External Doors

As has been said many times, your door is your first line of defense, therefore make sure that it is well secured. It has been proven that burglars usually target the door, and more often than not that is how they enter a home. Thus, it is extremely important that you have more than a simple rim lock on your front and back External Doors.

Lock for a Door

The best type of lock for a door is a deadbolt. A double cylinder deadbolt is almost impossible to break through. The con with this type of lock, which is opened from both the inside and the outside by a key, is that it can be very dangerous from a safety perspective. In fact, many local fire codes prohibit using a double cylinder lock because they are almost impossible to break in to during an emergency.

A variation on this is the panic-proof deadbolt. They provide the same kind of security, but open from the inside by either turning a knob or flipping a lever, thus they are much safer to install in a home. If you are buying a new lock for your door, please do not buy the cheapest lock you can find. Instead be prepared to buy one of the better locks, as they will undoubtedly provide you with much better security. Something that is also often overlooked by home owners is the quality of their door as well. Even if you install a great lock, and the door is poorly made or the door opens out instead of in thus exposing the hinges to potential burglars, your security will still be compromised.

When it comes to basic home security there are a few other guidelines that, if followed, with ensure your safety. Always know where every set of keys are. If several people in your household have keys, routinely check to make sure they know where they are. Also, if you move into a new house or apartment, change the locks on your doors. Make sure you install the lock properly though, and remember to buy a good quality lock.

If you follow these simple, yet very effective guidelines, you will have the comfort of knowing that your home is secure. Bob Hander, part time home decorator, loves to write and share his experiences with you on a variety of topics ranging from home security and the rim lock.