How Science Has Changed Running Shoes?

Many people have begun developing running shoes that are now based on scientific facts these days. There have also been an increasing number of changes in the way they are being designed based on the principles of engineering. Even though these changes are small, they still need to make bigger strides than before. Here is how science has changed the way running shoes are being designed:

Protecting from injuries

Even as your feet touch the ground, there should be adequate protection so that you do not get injuries. Science has added foam and shock absorbers to the front portion of running shoes so that this goal is achieved. Similarly, if you run more softly, not only will your running shoes last longer, but they will also protect your feet from getting hurt. In fact, you should not spend much energy on running so that your shoes will also be more durable. The weight of the shoes should also not be much so that you can easily run faster without the injuries to your feet. Some shoes, like pink Nike dunkshave all the properties an ideal pair of running shoes should have for now.

Caters to different runners

Even if the shoe companies try out different designs, colors, shapes, etc., what really happens at the end of the day is that everyone’s needs are different. Therefore, you must select shoes that cater to your needs and requirements completely. There are no such shoes that will cater to everyone’s requirements and needs in one go. However, they can cater to each individual. For example, a shoe that has been designed to run a marathon will never be the same as that which has been designed for sprinting. The cushioning meant for one kind of shoe might be very different from that meant for another kind of shoe. The reason behind this is that injuries need to be prevented as far as possible. 

Checking for quality

The materials as well as the designs of running shoes are being tested nowadays for quality. The shoe should match all the requirements of the athlete so that they do not get injured or hurt while participating in sporting activities. Furthermore, newer shoes are being designed for durability and comfort. Scientific principles have therefore been introduced while designing running shoes for sportspersons. Many instruments are now being used to test how the runner runs on certain terrains so that shoes can be designed accordingly. Runners are sometimes asked to run on treadmills, and their speed, agility, and more are measured along with their oxygen levels. 

The final touches

Nowadays, it has become important to customize running shoes according to the standard scientific principles after having tested them with the help of runners. It is now possible that sportspersons may be able to tailor-make their own pair of shoes that would give them the best of everything that they are looking for in sports shoes. There is still a lot of time for researchers to help runners come to this stage. 

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