How schools cultivate an appreciation of cultures in kids?

Five ways schools help kids grow culturally

Every kid needs to be culturally aware. Traditions and cultures help develop a sense of belongingness and raise self-esteem which helps a kid stay highly confident in life. When a kid owns traditional cuisines, languages, clothing of his/her own origin, he/she begins to develop an understanding that the core values and traditions of people of different origins are different in many ways.

This understanding comes with the exposure that schools can provide for your kid. Schools can do so in many ways by providing an opportunity for kids to interact with their fellows from different origins. This is especially crucial and very much probable in countries with diverse populations e.g., The UAE. 

If you are raising your kid there, your kid needs to appreciate the cultures of people who look, speak, and eat differently than him/her. For this, make sure you choose a school that believes strongly in inclusivity for people from all backgrounds and that it is evident in their policies and practices. You can enroll your kid in one of the British Curriculum Schools in Dubai for developing in your kid a sense of tolerance and appreciation for varying cultures.

This article emphasizes on the ways a school can help your kid develop an appreciation for various cultures and people belonging to them.

Five ways schools help kids grow culturally aware

Schools play a significant role in a child’s mental growth. The environment makes a great deal of difference in the way your kid treats other people and how your kid looks at things that are new and difficult to grasp. How schools do and can play a role in this regard is as follows:

  • Organize Culture days

Beyond the shackles of Math, Science, and grammar skills tests, your kid deserves opportunities to express his culture and find about other cultures. Schools can arrange culture days in which they encourage the students to dress up according to their culture and bring anything for display, which reflects their culture.

  • Provide Inclusive classroom environment

Teachers hold a big responsibility on their shoulders when they give out a lecture. It is an opportunity for them to provide an environment that does not alienate any child, especially not based on the way he/she looks, speaks or eats. Teachers may choose not to, but in good schools, teachers are obliged to provide inclusive classroom environments.

  • Encourage one-dish parties

With cultures, cuisines vary greatly. If kids in a class are from multiple lingual and cultural backgrounds, it is highly probable that the cuisines would be different as well. Teachers can every once in a while ask kids to hold a one-dish party in which kids bring the delicacies which their culture is known for. It will help them familiarize themselves with the difference. The next step is to begin to learn to appreciate what’s different.

  • Encourage Lingual expression on a day-to-day basis

In a multi-cultural environment like that of the UAE, it gets easier, and at the same time, it becomes more important for schools to foster an appreciation for various cultures. Well, teachers can encourage engaging conversations like asking kids how a certain thing is done in their culture. Teachers can even ask kids to tell what a certain thing is called in their language. In this way, kids learn about each other’s culture and begin to appreciate it if a teacher encourages that. 

  • Teach how to respect differences

Schools must teach students how to accept the differences, whether cultural or not. Schools must help enhance the mental ability of kids to make logical inferences that help them overcome stereotypical thought processes and learn to respect the differences with other people.

Want your kid to appreciate cultures?

In areas like the UAE, it becomes important that your kid learns to grow accepting towards various cultures and traditions which people around him/her follow. Thus when you choose a school for your kid, pick the one which encourages inclusivity and appreciation toward people who are different I one way or another.  You can enroll your kid in one of the British primary schools in Dubai  for higher chances of tolerance and acceptance towards differences in your child.

Schools play a major role. But the responsibility falls on you as a parent as well. Make a wise choice of school for your kid.