How Scammers and Fraudsters Locate You

Con artists make use of several strategies in luring their prey to their trap without them not even knowing they have been duped. Even as at that, one of the weirdest things that bother people who have already been in this kind of situation, is how they find them. However, even if you decide to click here in the search of this information, only one answer awaits you. In the scammers, fraudsters, or Con artist’s world, whatever you may decide to call them, they only use what you expose against you.


Scammers and fraudsters aim to find vital information about people and use it against them. There are several ways a scammer can grab your information and locate you, which include:

Online Contests

The online contest has been trending recently, due to the fact that almost everything is now done online. Technology advancement has made the internet the home of massive users, most people today can’t bear to disconnect their internet for a couple of minutes. When participating in an online contest people submit their vital information, with the aim that they might win something fantastic.

In most cases, the contest might be arranged by a scammer aiming to collect people’s details, once they submit it. There have also been some cases where people’s important information submitted for a contest was later sold to someone with malicious intent. So, even if it wasn’t the scammer that arranged the contest, there’s still a chance that your important information will end up in the hands of a scammer. To solve this issue, regulating what you share when participating in online contests is crucial. If possible verifying the origin and validity of the contest before participating will save you the trouble. 


Participating in a survey is another method people win awesome rewards. However, it does not always go as planned because of scammers looking for their prey through this option. Most of the time, they plan to lure people in submitting their important information by making them believe there’s an exciting offer to win. Participating in any survey will require the user to submit important information, which might be used to claim their winnings in the future, if possible. Being the reason why scammers and fraudsters make use of this strategy.

Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles of users nowadays always contain vital information that is beneficial to scammers. Nowadays, social media users seem to keep updates of any action in their life, on their profiles. It’s not like it was before when people hardly make use of social media platforms because this has turned to gold mine for scammers.


There are several reasons why scammers locate you, and that’s for them to get benefits by either blackmailing or deceiving you. Scammers and fraudsters make use of people’s weaknesses such as greed in deceiving them to play by their rule.