How Salespersons Can Use Explainer Videos to Get Leads?

Explainer videos have recently become a very popular marketing tool for modern businesses all around the world.

Thanks to the pandemic and COVID-19 restrictions in the year 2020-21 led to a revolution in marketing as many brands successfully switched from traditional marketing initiatives such as TV ads, newspapers ads, magazines, and publishing pamphlets for marketing their business or brand, these were replaced by new marketing tools such as SEO and social media.

Explainer videos have proven to help modern businesses increase brand awareness among target customers and help increase sales. Connecting to an explainer video company can get you through making that perfect explainer video for your company.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and youtube all support videos. Explainer videos are a good marketing tool for brands on social media platforms. Posting regular videos can help spread brand awareness organically as well as paid advertisements can be done to target specific audiences through explainer videos.

Many websites today consist of explainer videos that explain the product or service of the company on the website. This then helps gain more organic traffic to the website and engage more browsers. Finally, help rank the website better on the search engine using Explainer videos as a tool. App explainer videos are often posted on websites of various companies to explain their App or service better.

Sales & Explainer Videos

Well, the sales team is the backbone of every organization, as sales help generate revenue for businesses.

Today the sales team is equipped with new marketing tools such as social media and websites as they can always pitch the company’s social media accounts’ success to their customers. When the company has a strong presence on the social media platform this eventually helps the sales team to convince the customer and get more closers.

Many salespersons use explainer videos to explain the product or the process of service that is provided by the company. An explainer video easily demonstrates the product or service to the potential customer leaving enough room for the salesperson to focus on the closer of the deal.

A salesperson can make use of an explainer video to pitch to the customer,  demonstrate his process, increase understanding of the customer, market on social media platforms, connect to customers personally, and share the explainer video to multiple potential customers at a time and etc. The benefit is numerous if the salesperson is intelligent enough to take advantage of the explainer video process.

Many multinational companies today equip their sales team with short explainer videos as this helps train their sales team and other staff before they are on boarded in the company.

App explainer videos can be used by IT companies especially to explain their App, how it works, its services, and its benefits. Further animated explainer videos and isometric explainer videos are the 2 best types of video formats that you can equip your salesperson in the form explainer videos.

Connecting to an explainer video company can help you get that perfect explainer video for your sales team.

Best Video Types

There are many types of explainer video format types available such as animated explainer videos, isometric explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos, and 2-3d explainer videos.

Making the correct choice of which type of explainer video type will fit with your product or service is important to factor. You can always take ideas from your competitors and view different explainer videos on the internet for better knowledge of which video type will suit your business.

Many different types of explainer videos are there for you to choose from, but the best and most responsive types are isometric explainer videos and animated explainer videos as these types of videos are animation and graphically rich thus helping increase the focus of the viewer by 95% more when compared to other video types.

Pricings Of Animated Videos

Often proven as the most responsive explainer video types, Isometric explainer videos and animated explainer videos both are graphically rich and thus are a bit more expensive when it comes to pricing.

An animated explainer video pricing can be anything from 500 USD to 2,000 USD for a 1-minute video, prices can fluctuate depending on your requirements. Its best suggested connecting to an explainer video company for one of the most competitive animated explainer video pricing.

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