How Restaurants Wash & Maintain Their Tablecloths In Their Glossiest Condition

There are many conflicting and confusing opinions about restaurants keeping their crystalline table linens and cloths devoid of stains. Some say that they remain stain-free and white because the makers starch them heavily before delivering the products to the restaurant.

  • The heavy-duty starch builds an impregnable barrier, preventing any stains and spills from sticking to its buildup. That’s how marks don’t penetrate the linen much.
  • They take napkins and table clothes in the commercial laundry, where they wash it with hot water and strong detergent. It leads to disintegration of the starch, washing it away, and removing every food stain on the cover.

Some people say that restaurants don’t really manage to keep things that white. They simply have a linen service that does the needful. Bleach is the easy answer. It keeps the clothes white.

The restaurant route

Crisp, pristine napkins, and table covers give an impression of a reputable and classy establishment. While table cover or linen can surely be expensive, it still remains an area where you cannot skimp or quibble on price.

While napkins and tablecloths look exquisite from a distance, they do reveal their selves, the stains, and grubby marks if you inspect them closely. That may prevent the eatery’s clientele to make another visit. But as a restauranter, you can’t let that happen.

  • You have three main choices with regards to the table cover fabric. It’s 100% cotton, 100% textured polyester, and 50-50 polycotton.
  • Cotton is typically costlier than the rest, but some texturized polyesters do have high quality. They can feel and look as good and comfortable as cotton. They are also more long-lasting, making them a very cost-effective and effective solution.
  • It’s in the best interests of the restaurant to make a single choice for table linen and other table cloths.
  • You need to wash all the materials separately, which means the amalgam of linen materials will definitely longer to clean, resulting in more laundry bills.

If you wash them together, cotton particles will stick to the polyester, resulting in an unsightly appearance for the polyester tablecloths.

The common ways

It’s important to wash your table cover when you purchase it before you can even use them for the first time. There are certain manufacturing procedures that may leave dye traces, which necessitate removal before you can use them in your establishment. Washing before implementation also bolsters the table linen’s ability to thwart stains.

  • To remove bad stains, treat them at the earliest with a dedicated stain remover. Remember that the quicker is your response, the faster you will remove it.
  • Know the specific types of stains that allow pre-treatment. It helps in extending the life of your table covers. For example, you can treat meat juices or fruit juice by rinsing the cloth in cold water.
  • However, with chocolate, pre-washing is mandatory along with a stain remover. You need to wash the linens and covers regularly.

Make sure you’re not overloading your pal, the washing machine. Don’t forget to check its temperature as per the laundering label. For linen whitening, consider adding an oxygen-specific bleach.


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