How Relationship Goals on Social Media can Influence us

Lonely and longing for romance? Maybe not, but #Relationship Goals will get the better of you. You’re perfectly happy being single, chatting away with friends using an online chat app, then suddenly you see a notification! A college fellow, much younger than you, just got engaged and looks stunning in her pics from the special day. Shouldn’t you be feeling happy for her? You should, but instead, you end up feeling sad and needy because no one in your life’s even remotely interested in you that way. And even if you are romantically attached to someone you might end up envying the seemingly perfect couple by focusing on the things lacking in your relationship. Pictures can be deceiving since they capture the special and proud moments of a happy couple and not the actual struggle involved in getting there.  It is highly improbable that you’ll take selfies with your partner when you’re in the middle of a heated argument. So, at the end of the day, it all depends on how the onlookers wish to interpret what they see. You are likely to be influenced by Relationship Goals on social media in the following ways:

  • You start making comparisons:

By taking inspiration from happy couple images online, you set a standard based on how successful you imagine someone else’s relationship to be. You create an imaginary checklist for yourself based on what other couples have accomplished and try to move forward in a similar direction. Seeing someone get engaged on social media becomes a great source of distress for you if your partner hasn’t proposed yet. While you were previously dealing with matters logically, you suddenly become unreasonably ambitious and forget that every situation is different.

  • Idealizing strangers:

You often come across pictures of unknown couples who look great and are seen doing amazingly fun things together. It makes you doubt your relationship and wonder if you’re a boring, unadventurous couple, even if you are perfectly happy and comfortable with your partner. The glamorous pictures lead you to believe that there’s a set definition of perfection and happiness in a relationship. You know nothing about the people in the picture and yet you find yourself idealizing them, overlooking the real struggles involved in maintaining a relationship.

  • Wasting time:

By using social media excessively and looking at other couples online you are in truth neglecting what you have. Instead of giving time to your partner and working on your relationship, you’re wasting time looking at other people. It’s not so hard finding someone special but keeping them in your life requires a great deal of effort. When you look at couples doing things for each other on social media, there’s a greater chance that you’ll resent your partner for not doing enough for you. You should rather be focusing more on how much you’re contributing to the relationship and try doing more for your partner if necessary. And if you’re lucky to realize in time that you’re taking your partner for granted, send them a heart, and a kiss using your favorite online chat app to let them know you’re thinking of them.

  • Isolation for nothing:

It’s quite understandable if you’re spending your time in quarantine when there’s a deadly pandemic on the loose but is that really why you’ve shut yourself up? Social media becomes a horror show for some people on Valentine’s Day since being single on a special day seems like the cruelest act of fate. Shutting yourself up and crying your eyes out while looking at people exchanging all sorts of gifts on Valentine’s Day is not the way to go about it! Think about all the people in your life who truly care about you, including friends and family. Use this as an opportunity to thank them for all the love, care, and support they’ve given you.

  • Compromising yourself:

You look at mushy couple pictures on social media and get so enamored that you end up getting into a relationship with the first person who asks you out. Relationships are not just about posting cute pictures on social media and in truth they require a great deal of your time and emotional investment. You should give yourself time to get to know people and wait for someone who clicks before promising commitment. By getting into a relationship just for the heck of it you are inadvertently limiting your chances of experiencing a truly special and fulfilling bond.

  • Doing fun things:

You see fun videos of couples traveling together, visiting beautiful places, and enjoying exotic foods. There’s no reason to feel sad when you should feel motivated to make plans with other special people in your life. You don’t have to wait till you find a partner to go head out on a fun adventure. Choose a favorite person, someone who understands you and loves you unconditionally, your best friend, or maybe even your mother. This way your memories won’t be wasted on temporary guests who, unlike your family and friends, can walk out on you whenever it suits them.

Relationship Goals on social media can be extremely misleading in terms of what one should expect from real-life relationships. However, we cannot blame others for sharing their special moments on social media because how we react is entirely in our control. Other people’s happiness should give you the hope of better days and you could even come across your soulmate while using an online chat app. And if you’re already with someone, as healthy as it might be to set goals for yourself, it’s even healthier to allow flexibility in a relationship. No two bonds are alike, which is why comparisons can lead to fatal consequences.