How Realtors Can Generate More Leads by Building a Strong Social Media Presence

When it comes to real estate marketing, most people think of traditional yet cutting-edge methods. While businesses of all sizes can benefit from having a strong social media presence, the value of social media in the real estate industry cannot be emphasized. For real estate companies, social media is a gold mine if you have a clear social media strategy with certain goals. 

With our guide to social media for real estate, you can figure out how to generate more leads by building a strong social media jobs presence. 

What Real Estate Content Should You Post on Social Media?

It’s critical to have a diversified (and not promotional only) content schedule when it comes to real estate social media marketing concepts. Rather than bombarding your followers with sales pitches, here’s a list of what you may publish to expand and engage your audience:

1. Your Listing Photos

In terms of content, real estate social media requires you to get visual. Unless you decide it is the right time to join Club House, you can go on generating leads with your visual (and not audio) content. That’s why breathtaking, high-resolution property images are at the heart of so many real estate companies’ social media campaigns. Eye-catching photos and well-designed videos not only promote your social media engagement but also compel your followers to contact you.

It’s worth noting that practically all visual real estate content is accompanied by textual content. That is how you can make your final effort to convince your audience to contact you for your listings. Remember that your textual content should provide contact details or a guide on how to contact you if they like the property. 

But how do you make your visual content stand out? By adding some pinches of innovation and creativity. Check for the ideas shared by your competitors and get some inspiration. You can also check the latest trends and see how you can make them relevant to your business.

2. Client Testimonials

One of the most valuable features of real estate social media posts is the chance to share success stories with your audience and potential clients. When it comes to choosing an agent or organization for buying or selling properties, your clients have a lot of options. Thus, it is a smart move if you share the experiences of your happy clients to gain trust.

Client testimonials have a dual purpose: they create social proof while also showcasing your company’s human side. Anything you can do to include your satisfied clients in your social media campaign is a win.

3. Your Milestones

Awards and honors are other approaches to display your real estate company’s accomplishments on social media. Don’t be afraid to brag about your company’s achievements. Again, in such a saturated market, these nuances can help you win over clients. 

You can even go further and create a video for your YouTube channel. Your milestones can be a good content title to increase watch time on your YouTube video channel. 

4. Informative Market-Related Updates

The real estate market is always changing due to economic issues or changes in the tastes of the residents. You can keep your clients informed by sharing guidance, helpful content, or industry reports. Doing this not only informs your audience and keeps them updated, but also demonstrates that you’re an active player in your business.

5. Property Tips and Renovation Ideas

In real estate social media marketing, it may sound difficult to keep followers interested after the sale is completed. Prospective clients and past clients might both benefit from your renovation ideas and inspiration. Any kind of home maintenance educational content appeals to a wide range of people and showcases your expertise once again.

5. Events

Real estate social media is a fantastic tool to generate leads. However, there’s no doubt that it is important that you market yourself individually. You can urge clients to meet in person by informing them of upcoming events. You can do so by using Facebook events or a simple Instagram feed post or story.

How Realtors Can Generate More Leads?

Let’s now speak about how to convert your social media traffic into clients:

1. Highlight Your Contact Info

This may seem self-evident, but it’s worth saying nonetheless. If you operate in real estate, your ultimate goal is to attract clients to call you. To achieve this goal, you should put all of your important contact information on display so that getting in touch is as simple as tapping a button.

For example, fill in your contact information in the related section on every social media platform that you use. Here are some of the things you should make sure to include:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Website and/or landing pages URL links

Remember to refer your audience to your contact section in the captions of your posts. Include CTA phrases and write clearly. 

If you are using Facebook, you can enable Facebook Messenger to make a connection between you and potential clients. Consider including a call-to-action button on your Facebook page as another way for your social media users to contact you.

If you are using Instagram, make sure to add your contact information in your bio. Convert your Instagram account to a business profile if you haven’t already. This will allow you to immediately incorporate contact buttons in addition to your bio link. For the link in your bio, Instagram does not allow you to add more than one link to your Instagram profile. However, there is no limitation for smart people so you can add your social media links to Instagram bio as well. 

Instagram bio

2. Communicate with Your Clients

Keep in mind that making yourself available to clients implies that you must reply to them. Many real estate companies have a social media communication problem. But showing that you care about your audience on social media platforms is a guarantee that you are an attentive broker. So, people can trust you a lot easier and would like to close their property contracts with you.

If you are using Instagram, you can automate your Instagram direct messaging communications so that it would not take up much of your time to reply to your audiences. 

Activating push notifications and emails on each social media is also a good idea to guarantee that you don’t miss any messages from your clients.

3. Attract New Clients

Social media does not just have a function to attract clients to your real estate business. It also can provide many situations for you to search for new clients yourself. 

If you are using Facebook, there are many Facebook Groups for real estate agents to network and provide referrals to one another. Then, you can reach out to the new clients that you find and impress them by telling them what you have to offer.

4. Cross-Promote Your Social Media Channels

If you are taking your social media platforms seriously, you should cross-promote them to increase your audience. Here are a few suggestions for boosting your social media presence:

  • Use icons to display your social media profiles on your homepage.
  • In your email signature, provide links to your social media accounts. 
  • Include social media icons and IDs on your business card.
  • Put your Instagram nametag in your physical office for a scan.

Get your Instagram nametag following this instruction:

So you will put something like this in your office:

This is how you can turn every visitor into a social media follower. If you are using Instagram, you can drive organic clicks and leads. You can also gain a lot of recognition on Instagram through an Instagram followers service that gives you organic niche-relevant followers.

5. Be Consistent in Posting

Posting regularly is key when it comes to scoring engagement and ensuring that your posts are seen as valuable by social algorithms. Daily posting may appear onerous especially if you are handling several social media channels. However, social media scheduling tools like Instagram content schedulers make it much easier for you. 

You can also adjust your posts and publish them based on the best engagement on each site.

What matters is that your accounts should be active. If your last post on social media dates back to months ago, you should not be surprised at the number of your social media-generated leads. When prospects see that you’re blogging on a frequent basis, the common assumption is that your company is doing well.

6. Showcase Your Personal Life

Do not fill your social media feeds with property photos or business-related posts. Instead, give your audience a glimpse into your personal life. Make a joke now and then. Share family photos. Introduce local places to have fun. Makeup stories. And do anything that you think is attractive on social media as a whole. This shows your followers that you’re more than just a business person.


On social media, real estate involves a lot of meticulous attention to detail. It is, nonetheless, an excellent place for prospecting and generating leads. With so many people using social media to find their future home, you need to be able to meet them there. You can achieve this using the techniques explained above. If you are new in the business, try accounting software for real estate to keep track of your revenue while generating new leads. Wish you the best of luck!


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