How Real Raw News Differs From Fake News

The term “real raw news” has several meanings. First, it refers to news that is not fake, and second, it refers to information that is not fake. This kind of information can come from any source, and is more likely to be accurate than fake news. There are a number of websites that feature news reports, but real raw news is different.

Michael Baxter

Michael Baxter is a controversial web content creator who runs three YouTube channels and three websites. He has a reputation for posting outrageous claims and controversial comments. He also warns readers not to rely on mainstream media to verify his claims. In one recent post, Baxter accused PolitiFact of waging a war against him. Despite this, he stands by his work.

The website features many articles on Russia’s politics and war with Ukraine, as well as other topics. In addition to news, Real Raw News also includes articles on education, humor, and miscellaneous subjects. While some of the articles on Real Raw News are sensational, others are more factual.

Michael Tuffin

The name Michael Tuffin is a misnomer. It actually refers to a website that purports to be “real news.” It is not. The owner of the site, Michael Tuffin, passes off his stories as “factual reporting.” He also posts comments under the alias “Michael Baxter.” He tries to defend the accuracy of his work and the credibility of his unnamed sources. He even addressed a reader question regarding fact-checking his work.

The site claims to be an independent publisher that covers content that mainstream media refuses to cover. Since the site launched in late December, it has published 150 articles. Many of these articles are based on a twisted narrative of military arrests and executions. These articles receive thousands of social media engagements. According to BuzzSumo, a popular audience metrics tool, one article published by Real Raw News had more than 20,000 social media mentions.

Pants on Fire

Real Raw News bills itself as a website that explores content that is rarely covered by the mainstream media. Since late December 2020, it has published more than 150 articles. The vast majority of them spin a narrative about military arrests and executions, and have received thousands of social media engagements. Despite the fact that they have no connection to the Pentagon, they have received a lot of attention for their fabricated stories.

Real Raw News is relatively new, and the stories posted there are written by a person using the pseudonym Michael Baxter. He has written more than 150 stories under the pseudonym “Michael Tuffin.” While the site disclaims that its content is not factual, Baxter has repeatedly defended his work as fact.

Michael Baxter’s unnamed sources

A recent PolitiFact investigation of Michael Baxter’s unnamed sources uncovered a number of discrepancies between his claims and the facts. Baxter’s personal details were published on the Real Raw News website. He also linked to a GoFundMe page to raise $10,000 for the Real Raw News project. However, Baxter was not listed as the organizer of the fund.

While Michael Baxter claimed to be reporting on the latest news, he never identified the sources for the articles. His stories are not credible. The stories he publishes are completely fabricated. He even claimed to have “waged war” against PolitiFact, a fact-checking website that has more fact-checks than Real Raw News.

Google ban

In a recent Google ban, the website Real Raw News has been barred from advertising. The site has repeatedly posted misinformation and conspiracy theories. The reason for its ban is unclear. The website was started by Michael Baxter, who also ran three other websites and a YouTube channel. Baxter is 53 years old and is known on social media as “Michael Tuffin.”

The website has received criticism from users for giving prominence to false news stories. A recent case highlighted by the media site Mediaite showed how a search for “final election vote count” on Google led to a story that was false. A story from 70News, claiming that the popular vote had gone to Donald Trump, was ranked No. 2 in the search results by Monday evening. In response, Google said its software algorithm uses hundreds of factors to determine which stories to rank.

PolitiFact investigation

A PolitiFact investigation of Real Raw News has found that the website contains many false claims and lies. Its articles are written in the style of authentic news stories and often come in multiple installments. For example, one article described an alleged military tribunal held for Hillary Clinton. The author, Michael Baxter, has repeatedly denied the claims and claimed that the stories were truthful.

Real Raw News bills itself as an independent publisher specializing in content that mainstream media ignores. It began publishing articles in late December and has since published over 150 articles. A few of these articles have been controversial and have received hundreds of thousands of social media engagements, according to BuzzSumo, an audience metrics tool.