How Quickly Can You Pass A Driving Test?

Most teenagers dream of passing their driving test and buying their first car. Although that first car might be an old banger, it represents the first major step to freedom and adulthood for many youngsters.

Government statistics show that an average of 74% of individuals aged 17 and up in England hold a full driving license. Getting hold of a UK driving license requires some studying and practicing though.

The first move for getting on the road is to apply for a provisional driving license. Once you’ve successfully got your hands on this document you are ready to start learning to drive.

How fast can you pass the driving test?

The recommended amount of hours practicing on the road appears to be around 40 hours with some people requiring extra lessons, and some learning much quicker. Many learner drivers also take extra practice.

Around 72% of today’s drivers say they took extra driving practice with family or friends to speed up the learning process. But, no matter how quickly you learn to drive, you will then need to pass your tests.

Getting a driving test slot can be tricky due to the backlog, but web apps help drivers to find cancellations and speed up the process.

Steps to passing a driving test fast

It isn’t easy to give an accurate figure for how quickly someone will pass their driving test as a number of factors have to be counted for.

If you assume that you will need 40 hours behind the wheel before you pass, and you take two lessons a week, then in theory, you could pass your test in around 20 weeks or so.

The first thing to do after getting your provisional license, is to find a good driving instructor.

Find a driving instructor

You must ensure that your driving instructor is DVSA approved and is an ADI or approved driving instructor. Having a DVSA-approved driving instructor next to you means that you have a qualified teacher to help you learn to drive. Professional driving instructors have dual-controlled cars which make learning safer. And they can impart their experience to students.

A good driving instructor won’t just teach you to drive but will give road safety tips to new drivers, and ensure they are ready to drive solo after passing.

Take the theory test

The driving theory test needs to be taken before you advance to the practical exam. The pass rate for the theory test in 2021 was 53.4% for males and 58.4% for females. While the test is deemed tricky by some, the pass rates show that with study you will be able to advance. The theory test is designed to help you remain safe on the road.

The theory exam is taken at a test center, and is made up of two sections. You will first take a multiple-choice test followed by hazard perception. Both parts need to be passed before advancing to the practical test.

Take the practical driving test

Once you get to the practical test you are within touching distance of a full driving license. Unless you are really struggling to pass your driving license like the Chatham woman who had 250 lessons without passing.

However, the good news is 52.6% of 17 to 24-year-olds pass their driving test on the first attempt. The problem is, getting a driving test in the first place.

What is the waiting time for driving tests?

Due to lockdowns and social restrictions, driving tests were put on hold during 2020 and 2021. This led to a backlog of drivers wanting to take tests.

Currently, there is a waiting time of 15 weeks for driving test appointments. And this will hamper anyone trying to pass their driving test quickly.

Fortunately, several services are available to help match canceled driving test slots with drivers. By signing up for one of these services you can speed up your driving test.

If you are making good progress with your driving instructor, you could apply for a driving test early to coincide with the current backlog. Or open an account to get alerts when driving tests are canceled.

How quickly can a driving test be passed?

Any student’s progression on the road will depend on how much they practice, and how good their instructor is. Of course, some people learn to drive much faster than others and require far fewer hours behind the wheel.

With the help of driving test cancellation services and planning, a learner driver could arrange a test to coincide with the end of their lessons. In theory, with an intensive driving course, a learner could pass their test within a few weeks.


Because driving tests are backed up, even the best driver faces delays in passing. However, once your instructor believes you are ready for your driving test, you can apply for canceled test slots.

Using a driving test booking app may help learners bring forward test dates by weeks. With a combination of practice, planning, and tech, you can pass your driving test quickly.