How Private Investigators Carried Out In A Real-Life Environment?

You probably know the private investigators profession, but do you know what that professional do? If you have always been curious or are thinking about pursuing a career, you are in the right place, why have I separated exclusive information about this profession that has grown so much in recent years and  Click here to know more about private investigations and services.

Who is a private investigator?

The detective is the professional whose main function is to investigate facts, circumstances, and everyone involved, to quickly resolve different types of cases.

The detective’s private act with the license which can be purchased through specialized schools, vocational area. It is in these schools that their skills are honed and even developed.

The professional who works with research needs to have a good logical reasoning, have excellent perception, be attentive and above all love what you do, after all, it is a function that requires a lot of dedication, being often necessary to work day and night in specific cases, after all, cases need to be resolved.

Who does the detective work with?

This professional can work in different areas, such as:

  • Investigation of missing persons;
  • Investigation of marital betrayal;
  • Business espionage research;

Criminal investigation, among others.

The private detective has great freedom of action, considering that he can focus on a specific area, or all, everything will depend on the professional himself.

The way of working is also another very attractive point since it can work independently or in research agencies, through hiring, since today the profession is recognized by the Ministry of Labor.

The greatest demand of these professionals is in cases of marital investigation, in which one of the spouses suspects betrayal by his partner.

In these cases, the professional acts with the help of much technological equipment that facilitate the discovery of the betrayal, in addition to collecting evidence such as filming, photos, recordings and even flagrant.

In the case of missing persons, private investigators do an impressive job, regardless of the time of the disappearance, helping the family to complete a case that afflicts their hearts so much.

In many cases of disappearance, as well as criminals in general, the private investigator can work together with the police, when there is an authorization from the responsible delegate, which contributes too much for the case to be resolved more quickly, after all, they are two forces in a single goal.

In the case of business espionage investigation, the detective’s main objective is to find out if the spy is internal or external, that is, if he is someone from the company or not, from this information the process to discover the identity of the spy is initiated.

This measure has been taken by many companies, given a large number of attempts at thefts and fraud that they suffer annually, reaching more than 70% of Brazilian companies.

Companies are realizing that this service is very important for financial health since leaking specific information or documents in some cases can cost millions or even bankrupt a company.

Is it worth it to hire a private investigator?

As you can see, these professionals are highly trained and experienced in the field of research, given their trajectories and preparation.

If you are in a situation of distress and need help to solve it, hiring a private detective will certainly be very worthwhile, as it can help you put an end to your doubts and suspicions.

Where to find a private detective?

The first question is about where it is possible to find a private detective to hire the service. With the internet this process became much simpler, making it possible to search for private investigators in search engines and on social media.

Check the professional’s website and social networks and find out if he appears in the press, which is an effective alternative for finding detectives with a good reputation.

Is he authorized to work as a private investigator?

As we stated earlier, the private detective profession is regulated by law, giving guarantees and prerogatives – both for the contracted investigator and for the client. They cannot, however, carry out criminal investigations unless requested by the contractor and authorized by the delegate responsible for the case.

What should I tell the private investigator to help him with an investigation?

The first step of a private investigators is to inform the detective of the motivation for hiring the service and also the basic information of the person under investigation, such as name, address, telephone, car data, workplace, photo, and routine information.

How does this professional do to get evidence?

Currently, the private detective has a series of technological equipment that assist in obtaining evidence, such as photographic and video cameras, audio recorders (sometimes hidden), GPS, spy software for checking social networks and applications, among others.

Uniting the equipment with the mastery of techniques, the investigator can survey evidence with greater discretion and efficiency, concluding the case either with confirmation of suspicions or refutation.

Can he film and wiretap?

In Brazil, the detective is authorized to shoot in public places and cannot violate the investigated person’s privacy, such as taking photos in a private room, for example.

Wiretapping is prohibited, and can only be used in criminal investigations conducted by the Public Ministry and the Police and with authorization from the courts.

Does the contract between client and detective have an information confidentiality clause?

Yes, the client is guaranteed the confidentiality of the information, and Law 13432 prevents the private investigators from using the evidence collected against the client or revealing his identity. Thus, the contractor has more guarantee in the process.

How many professionals work in an investigation?

The number of professionals involved varies according to the complexity of the case. For example, in investigations that require 24-hour monitoring, several detectives can work on the process. However, the investigation is usually conducted by a responsible detective.

This type of solution is only feasible when hiring a detective agency, as several professionals can meet the demands of the case.

Can the collected evidence be used in a court case?

The detective must work within the law so that the evidence collected during the process can be used in a judicial process. If illegal techniques are used, such as wiretapping, the evidence cannot be used and the client and investigator can be prosecuted.

What is the average time of an investigation?

The time to complete a particular investigation will depend on the particularities and complexity of the case, however, it is common that it takes between one and two weeks for most cases.

The hiring of a private investigator can help in several suspicions, being essential to the choice of a serious and qualified professional to conduct the investigation.