How Privacy Door Locks Can Save Your Business Money?

With so many different locks on the market, it can be a hassle to narrow down the wide selection to just one lock that best fits your needs. This is especially true when you want to factor in the potential cost savings you would benefit from the new lock. As a business owner in the market for a lock, this is a crucial element to consider – financial savings. But do not worry because in this article we will cover what kind of lock to choose and how that could save you some money on your business.

Benefits of Privacy Door Locks

As alluded to in the title, one of the best kinds of locks to help you save money are privacy door locks, also known as indicator locks, privacy indicator locks, vacancy locks, or even occupied/unoccupied locks. 

These types of locks are very popular especially in areas where extra privacy is needed. This usually includes places like single-stall restrooms, toilets, or even dressing rooms. The reason for the popularity of these kinds of locks are simple, they are functional, extremely versatile, easy to install, simple to operate, and most importantly they are very cost-effective. 

Privacy indicator locks are often cheaper than most other locks on the market making them cost-effective at the onset of their initial purchase. While this is true, what makes privacy indicator locks, even more, cost-effective than other locks is embedded in the way that these locks work.

How Your Business Will Benefit From Privacy Door Locks?

The simple flip indicator displaying either a red “occupied”, or a green “vacant” sign is the key – no pun intended. Because these indicators prevent people from using the door locks as frequently as other locks, there is a lot less wear and tear on the lock, the handle, and even on the door itself from moving back and forth. 

At first glance, this might seem insignificant, however, if you consider the amount of traffic a commercial facility door might be subject to in a day, compounded that by the number of turns in a year, it adds up quickly a lot and rather quickly at that. 

Also considering that most locks also have a lifespan of roughly seven years for maximal efficiency, that number dwindles significantly in a commercial setting especially if you have higher than normal foot traffic in the area where your door lock is installed. 

So this not only helps you save money on the door lock when you initially purchase it and in the long term because you’re less likely to replace it sooner, but it also helps lower wear and tears on other components like the door which can be very costly to replace.

Other Practical Advantages of Privacy Door Locks

Indicator locks can also help your business’ savings margin because it eliminates the need for a lot of maintenance. Some of the best locks on the market are great but still require reoccurring maintenance now and then. An example of this is code entry locks. Although they are versatile, the door code needs to get updated every once in a while, and it requires more physical maintenance. This could be for a myriad of reasons, the code fell into the wrong hands, it was shared with someone who shouldn’t have access, the battery to the door lock expired, the buttons on the keypad are broken or stuck, etc. All of these physical interventions are simply a hindrance and can be tasking on the business owner. 

Fixing little problems like that on expensive locks is cumbersome and not cost-effective. The beauty of privacy locks is that they are simply deadbolting locks at their core. This makes them very easy to install, care for, and upkeep when necessary.

Many other locks can be very expensive to install and require specific modifications to make them work properly. The door hole size must be compatible and if there are pre-drilled holes, the door must be replaced to provide the best fit. This can be very expensive considering the need to perhaps hire a professional, get new materials, and paying for labor. This is commonplace when installing some high-tech locks in a commercial facility simply because you don’t want to risk your customer’s privacy to a DIY mishap when the job to get the lock installed is complicated. 

You face none of these issues with a traditional privacy lock. The deadbolts are cheap, simple to install, and easy to maintain. You can easily install them yourself without worrying about messing up and risking your customer’s privacy. 

For any business owners looking to go into the market for a new lock, it is almost a no-brainer to opt-in for a privacy indicator lock. Some of the best indicator locks on the market can be found here on the VIZILOK website.