How Prezzee Is Solving E-Gift Card Woes with Easy Storing and Sending

The digital era has bred a different class of entrepreneurs who use extremely innovative skills to make life easier and more comfortable. Their effort and focus are providing solutions to everyday challenges. In this process, they create brands that are outstanding and make such an impact that the entire world should celebrate them.



Australian digital gift wallet Prezzee, backed by billionaire retail magnate Mr Shaun Bonett, is now an exceptional and renowned global brand that has changed the way gifts are exchanged around the world. Launched in December 2015, Prezzee has revolutionized the entire gift exchange scenario in Australia and since December 2019 also in the USA, UK and New Zealand. It is simply an idea that came at the right time to solve a pressing need.



How Does Prezzee Work?


Prezzee is a gift card App downloadable on all smartphones. You can also access Prezzee and their house of brands through their innovative website.  Moving from traditional gift cards, Prezzee allows people to buy, send, store, and even redeem gift cards through their mobile phones. This eliminates the chances of a gift card getting lost, being forgotten at home, or simply getting misplaced.


Modern lifestyle demands that individuals and brands maintain a high level of flexibility. The strength and uniqueness of Prezzee lies primarily in the flexibility it gives users. The digital gift wallet’s exceptional features include the following:



  • It allows you to shop online at your convenience and in your own time.
  • You can send Prezzee and specific gift cards instantly right from your smartphone.
  • It eliminates delivery fees and the possibility of gift cards getting lost in the mail.
  • You can customize the greeting card and gift cards to give it a personal touch.



The beauty of Prezzee’s gift card platform is that it accommodates a house of retail brands and enables the recipient to choose or split their Prezzee gift card in whichever brand or brands the receiver wishes. From anniversary gifts to weddings, birthday cards, and Christmas presents, to just sending a thank you, you can send and receive gift cards that are easy to redeem. Also, recipients, get the gift cards instantly, which are redeemable whenever one is ready to shop.


It’s these little conveniences of life that make it beautiful, simple, and enjoyable. Prezzee came in to bridge a gap that conventional gifting systems couldn’t handle.



As the digital gift platform continues to partner with global retail brands, Prezzee’s mission is to make the platform better for even greater user experience. The company’s App and website is well-tuned with a friendly interface and a lot of helpful information. It’s simple to sign up and purchase and send eGifts cards instantly. 



Using Prezzee’s Swap Card, gift recipients can even change the retailer from which they want to pick their gifts. For example, if you send an eGift from a retailer that isn’t within the recipient’s neighborhood, they can swap it to one or more that is more convenient for them. That’s just amazing!



Digital solution providers are stepping into a space that harbors potential. As a digital product, Prezzee is not only futuristic, but opens the possibility of partnering with lots of brands around the globe. This indeed is a game-changer that will continue to impact the gift market globally. 



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