How Pressure Switch For Air Compressor Works?

The air compressor, which is used in several devices, will be designed to use for the start or stop the system works on that own, is known as a pressure switch. So, do you know what an air compressor switch does?

The air compressor provides a pump. That pump is usually driven with the help of the electric motor. If that Pressure Switches for Compressors falls due to using this compressed air of the tank for accomplishing the work, and when that air compressor does not pump more extra air inside the tank, later the available air pressure may decrease continuously then the air tool does not work further b) their air was not left in tank. 

Working Principles Of Pressure Switch For Air Compressor:

Air compressor pressure uses airlines which are supported to monitor the pressurized air while it moves toward and from the air tank. Every pressure switch produces some element which reacts while pressure is employed to it. In most maximum standard devices this diaphragm which is physically compressed while exposed to that air.


Air pressure inside your compressor container will enhance and eventually grow up with sufficient backwards pressure — it is known as cut-out pressure that modifies the shape of that diaphragm. The deformation will affect the movement of that pressure switch.


When the air compressor pressure diaphragm remains deformed enough, then the movement may break connection inside the pressure switch so with that the power may stop flowing the air compressor’s motor line, and stop the air compressor from more pressurizing that air inside your tank.


Continuous air pressure with a particular volume can keep that diaphragm deformed. While that air pressure inside the tank drops will be enough, then the diaphragm may return back into its normal state.


Once the pressure is cut-in pressure, the lightens to some particular level, an interior operator inside the diaphragm may deform oppositely. That movement closes the specific circuit and starts that motor again. 


If your air compressor switch continues the swing for a long time, then the machinery remains to use for the compressed air. Your cycle is damaged during the unit remains no great powered externally, and when there will be an issue.


The leaks may occur at any time in the compressor’s pressure, and casing may stop the work and create major problems. 

How To Check Air Compressor Pressure Switch?

First, disconnect your electrical power which is linked to the system device. That can be made by unplugging that or by cutting off that electrical breaker which feeds power for that particular circuit operating for it. Then remove the lid from that pressure switch through taking out that centre screw by a normal screwdriver.


Now, disconnect those two wires which are running inside the pressure switch toward the terminal section. Those wires will be in two different colours, blue or brown.


The black, as well as a white wire moving from specific air pressure, are to connect the power; and also to disconnect them.  Pressure Switch Switzer Connect air to that pressure switch by utilising this air compressor and some additional air source which produces the pressure higher than one of those switch settings.

By air applied over that pressure switch, and place individual lead of this ohmmeter to another loose wires and for second lead connected to another loose wire.

Then that air pressure needs to close while air is supplied. If the pressure switch closes, then the ohmmeter will indicate zero good ohms. Suppose if the switch will not close, then the ohmmeter will indicate infinity and “OL” to open. Later all will be good then adjust specific set-point switch.