How President’s Day can help sell custom merch and accessories

We get several events to celebrate our forefathers who helped build the country. One of those is President’s Day. People celebrated George Washington’s birthday. Although it is not officially called President’s Day, most people call it the same. It is not only about getting off from work – most federal agencies have a holiday – but a celebration of freedom and American values. Businesses offer deals and discounts to celebrate and make a few sales. If you sell custom merch and accessories, you must leverage it. Otherwise, you are missing out big time. Patriotism is the theme and an opportunity to connect with customers. The blog will provide you with information to use the occasion. But, before we go further, here is a quick history.

The beginning:

People celebrated the third Monday in February as President’s Day. We popularly know it to honor George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. The origin goes back to the 1880s when people celebrated Washington’s birthday as a federal holiday. Although people celebrate Lincoln’s birthday in many states, it was not an official holiday. In 1968, during the debate on the bill, Congress proposed Washington’s birthday, i.e., February 22, to rename President’s Day to honor him and Lincoln – his birthday is February 12. They rejected the name change, but it became the commonly accepted name after retailers used it to promote sales and business.

Celebrate President’s Day with custom merch and accessories:

Your business has various types of customers. If you sell chocolates and cakes, Valentine’s Day is one of the massive events. But President’s Day works for most – it might be one of the most flexible holidays.

  • Versatile: It is a day for all the sellers, especially those that do not sell romantic products. It is an ideal occasion because it works with almost every custom merch and accessories. Imagine you sell custom socks. The event is a chance to sell your star-and-stripes or red-and-white inventory. You can also customize and sell other items like t-shirts, hoodies, caps, beanies, patches, keychains, mugs, etc. So, we can say that it allows all kinds of businesses to participate.
  • Wide-appeal: Some events, like Valentine’s Day, are for couples or people with partners. Many feel left out because most of the marketing is not towards them. The stress among singles goes through the roof during the week; some might hold bitterness towards the businesses. However, President’s Day is an all-inclusive event; every US citizen can take part and feel proud. Custom apparel sellers can target a massive demographic.
  • Patriotic: It is a chance for you to show patriotism with custom merch and accessories. With the changing times, many dislike the idea. However, the event is about recognizing the values that helped us to reach here. A few items, like custom socks, keychains, etc., are also helpful to people who love these events but do not feel comfortable flaunting them.

Custom products for President’s Day:

  • Custom t-shirts are the perfect product; you can create them in many materials, styles, and colors. They are perhaps the most popular item for such events.
  • Custom hoodies are thicker and last longer than t-shirts. It gives the same or more surface area to show your creativity. Create in varieties, like zipped and pullovers. You can also make more profits.
  • Custom socks have become one of the most popular products after the rise of social media. They are suitable for many people because they are not always visible. Choose from materials, styles, and processes, like, cotton, polyester, nylon, blended, rayon, wool, no-show, ankle-length, dress socks, sublimation, embroidery, etc.
  • Custom beanies and caps are always in demand. Add a bit of the President’s Day theme, and you can sell them for the rest of the year.
  • Custom keychains are small, helpful, and budget-friendly. You can make a few quick bucks because people think a little about buying minor items. They are also valuable for gifts, giveaways, and offering with other purchases. 
  • Custom mugs: People love them for gifts; they are popular at workplaces.
  • Custom patches and stickers: Offer them as a compliment or wrap the products to create brand awareness.
  • Custom phone cases are perhaps one item that has grown the fastest over the last five years. People love to flaunt their personalities by using them.

How to customize merch for President’s Day?

  • Use President’s faces: Two of the most popular ones, i.e., Washington and Lincoln, are helpful for various items, like apparel, drinkware, and accessories. It is possible to create their exact pictures with printing techniques on every custom product.
  • Red and white are two colors that help customize products for the event. They are also valuable during other patriotic events, like the Fourth of July or Flag Day.
  • Stars and stripes: Nothing represents America like them and gives creative freedom. Add to other designs, and you are ready to sell.
  • Texts: Usefamous quotes from them to create motivating designs.


  1. Use the event to clear out unsold items: Hold a sale because you will require more room to bring in your new spring items. Give offers and discounts on the old stock.
  2. Hold a party to celebrate the birthdays of our beloved forefathers. Decorate your shop with balloons and streamers to create awareness and bring attention to your brand. 
  3. Organize contests on social media and ask people to post pictures and videos. Giveaway custom merch as prizes to attract more participants.
  4. Give out promotional products to create awareness. Use the above items, like custom socks, keychains, patches, etc. They will not cost much and offer you a good return.
  5. Create a sense of urgency by holding a sale at the event or for a few hours.
  6. Stretch the holiday by offering them after Valentine’s Day sale to keep the momentum. When people are on a shopping spree, they spend more. 
  7. Incorporate a cause like raising funds with custom items for military veterans or families of service members. Promote your event to the local media to create awareness.

Over to you:

President’s day is the day to celebrate, remember and honor them. Use it to create brand awareness and sell a few custom items. Use the tips to give a patriotic touch to the products and connect with a reliable manufacturer. EverLighten has helped startups, large companies, sports teams, nonprofits, colleges, celebrities, individuals, etc., for over eighteen years.

The Fire & Rescue Department of Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) serves our country and helps protect the National Capital Region with highly trained service people. They wanted custom patches for the graduating class and reached EverLighten after being unable to find a manufacturer that could customize high-quality patches fast. Our experts helped them with the design – they had a photo but no AI file – and delivered on time.

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